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Policy Summary

Les données suivantes sont à titre informel seulement.

Please contact the for complete details on coverage.

2011 General Insurance Proposal

IMPORTANT: This report contains proprietary and original material which, if released, could be harmful to the competitive position of Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. Accordingly, this document may not be copied or released to third parties without Aon's consent.

Commercial General Liability
Insured Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.'s Registered Affiliate Clubs & their Members (as scheduled)
Policy Period January 1, 2013 to January 1, 2014
Policy FormOccurrence
Limits of Liability
Each Occurrence5,000,000
General Aggregate10,000,000
Annual aggregate - Products and Completed Operations5,000,000
Employee Benefits Liability1,000,000
Tenants' Legal Liability1,000,000
Non-owned Automobile5,000,000
Hired Automobiles50,000
Personal & Advertising Liability3,000,000
Fire Fighting Expense100,000
Medical Payments - any one accident5,000
Bodily Injury1,000
Property Damage1,000
Employee Benefits Liability1,000
Tenants' Legal Liability500
SEF 94 - Hired Automobiles1,000
Special Exclusions or Restrictions
Pollution exclusion (Hostile Fire exception)
Premium Details
Volunteers added as Additional Insureds
Insured Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.'s Registered Affiliate Clubs & their Members (as scheduled)
Volunteers added as Additional Insureds
Perils Insured
All Risks of Physical Loss or Damage including Earthquake, Flood and Sewer Backup, subject to the Policy exclusions
Limits of Liability
Equipment Floater Available
Automatic Cover New Acquisition (no reporting)1,000,000
Automatic Cover New Acquisition (values excess 1,000,000) Policy Limits
Property In Transit250,000
Valuable Papers150,000
Accounts Receivable150,000
Personal Property of Employees (any one individual)2,500
Money and Stamps10,000
Master Keys25,000
Lawns, Trees, Shrubs25,000
Defense, Settlement, Supplementary Payments100,000
Pollution Cleanup and Removal (Any one Occurrence)50,000
Pollution Cleanup and Removal (Aggregate Limit)100,000
Contingent Business Interruption - Contributing Properties250,000
Contingent Business Interruption - Recipient Properties250,000
Ingress/Egress4 weeks
Debris Removal 25% of Direct Damage Loss
Additional Limit to Basic Debris Removal Extension250,000
Removal of Debris of Property in Transit25,000
Bylaws Included
Third Party Vehicles Included
Civil Authority4 weeks
Leasehold Interest included
Fire Extinguishing Materials and Fire Fighting Expenses Included
Professional Fees Included
Deductibles: Equipment Floater1,000