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Update 2010-12-29

Important News concerning the RAC Club Insurance program

Youth, student and honourary members of are now exempt from Insurance Surcharge fees.

RAC has a major goal of encouraging and supporting youth and student participation in Amateur Radio to the highest degree possible. To further this goal and as a result of feedback from Clubs across the country, the RAC Insurance team has responded and been able to implement a major cost saving for RAC Club Insurance. Youth, student and Honourary members of a RAC Affiliated Club that is participating in the RAC Club Insurance program are now exempt from the $11 non RAC surcharge for Club Insurance coverage. Hopefully this will help in furthering our goal of increased support for youth and students. Additionally, amateurs who have been designated (as of Dec 31, 2010) as Honourary Club members for their long term work and service to a Club are also now exempt from the surcharge for Club Insurance coverage. By exempting youth, these changes should also help with Club family memberships.


RAC Logo For Club Liability insurance purposes only, Affiliated Club honourary (as of Dec 31, 2010), youth (under 18) and student (under 25 yrs) members are exempt from the $11 surcharge for non RAC members.
RAC Logo All Club members, that is all regular, associate, family membership persons, life, honourary etc have to be to be included in the club total membership count for the insurer and for the $1/yr per member insurance fee.

Clubs have been contacted concerniing these changes by seperate email. If your Club has not received this email please contact .

Thank you and Happy New Year,
The RAC Insurance Team