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Operation of the RAC QSL Bureau System would not be possible without the commitment and hard work of the QSL Bureau volunteers.  RAC, and all those who benefit, salute these dedicated amateurs and extend sincere appreciation for the long hours they devote to this difficult task.

The RAC National Incoming QSL Bureau

Member societies of the International Radio Union (IARU) operate a world wide system of QSL Bureaus. Radio Amateurs of Canada, as the Canadian member-society, operates a National Incoming Bureau, and sponsors the Incoming Bureaus for the twelve Canadian call areas.

Cards received by the National Incoming Bureau from IARU member societies are sorted and forwarded to the Incoming Bureau in each call area. ALL VE/VA cards are now to be sent directly to the RAC National Incoming Bureau and not to the Outgoing Bureau. Domestic cards sent to the Outgoing Bureau will experience a delay.

National Incoming QSL Bureau
Sponsored by: Loyalist City ARC
Len Morgan, VE9MY, Manager
Box 51

Provincial Incoming Bureaus

The names and addresses of the Provincial incoming bureaus are given below. Although RAC sponsors the bureaus, all Canadian amateurs may use them.

D - Preferred
C - 2nd Choice
Call sign Mailing address Payment method
VO VO Incoming Bureau Sponsored by:
Society of Newfoundland Radio Amateurs-(SONRA)
Rick Burke, VO1SA, Manager
Box 23099 Churchill Square
B, C*
VE0 VE1 Brit Fader Memorial QSL  Bureau 
(Sponsored by: Halifax Amateur Radio Club)
Tom Caithness, VE1GTC, Manager
Box 8895
VE9 VY2 VE9 - VY2 Incoming Bureau 
Sponsored by: Moncton Seniors ARC
Bob Sherwood, VE1XW, Manager
Box 73
VA2/VE2 Bureau entrant VA2/VE2
Jacques Dubé, VE2QK, Gérant
875 St. Sévère St.,
Trois Rivières,
QC G9A 4G4
A, B*
VA3/VE3 VA3/VE3 Incoming Bureau
QSL Manager
PO Box 216,
Streetsville, ON
L5M 2B8
VA4/VE4 VA4/VE4 Incoming Bureau
Harm Hazeu, VE4HAZ, Manager
7 Asley Cove,
Winnipeg, MB
R2G 2Z3
B, C *

VA5/VE5 VA5/VE5 Incoming Bureau
Todd Bendtsen VE5MX, Manager
616 Moffet Drive
Weyburn, SK
S4H 2M7

VA6/VE6 VA6/VE6 Incoming Bureau
Larry Chapple VE6KC
208 Canterbury Place SW
Calgary, AB  T2W 1P4
VA7/VE7 VA7/VE7 Incoming Bureau
Ken Clarke, VE7BC,
12441 - 58A Avenue., 
Surrey, BC
V3X 1X6

VE8/VY0 VE8/VY0 Incoming Bureau
John Boudreau, VE8EV, Manager
PO Box 3099
Inuvik, NT  X0E 0T0
A*, A, B*
VY1 VY1 Incoming Bureau
Hugh Henderson, VY1HH, Manager
P.O. Box 33062
Whitehorse, YT
Y1A 5Y5
A, B*

* These bureaus are transitioning to Method B. Method B is preferred.

Letters A, B, C and D below, indicate the method that each Bureau uses to distribute cards to amateurs in the various call areas.

Method A: - Envelopes

Send the bureau in your call area a quantity of 5 by 7.5 self addressed envelopes.

On the top left corner of each envelope, print your call sign.

On the top right corner of each envelope, place enough postage to permit the bureau to mail 50 grams of cards.

(see Canadian postal rates). Please note that all bureaus offering Method A now prefer Method B.

Method B: - Credits

Send the bureau in your call area $5.00 and your name, call sign and address.

The bureau will mail you cards, charging the cost of envelopes and postage against the $5.00 credit.

You will be informed when you should send more money.

Method C: - Combination

Send the Bureau in your call area $5.00 and self addressed envelopes.

Do not place postage on the envelopes.

You will be informed when you should send more money or envelopes.

Please note that all bureaus offering Method C now prefer Method B.

Method D: - Credits with labels

Send the Bureau in your call area $5.00 together with a supply of self-addressed adhesive labels with print large enough for use on envelopes.

You will be informed when you should send more money or labels.