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Carl Everson Memorial Silent Keys Listing

In memory of Carl Everson VE3BYX who started these listings on behalf of Radio Amateurs of Canada. Carl himself became a Silent Key on March 3, 2000 after a long bout with cancer. He was a tireless volunteer and will be sadly missed.

The Silent Key list now contains over 3500 names of former amateurs, and is too large to post on this web site in a form that you can browse. The complete list is available for downloading below.

Here is a shorter list covering the period from 1926 to 1935.

Family Name First Name Call sign City Province Year and month of Publication
SHADICK George J. C4AR Regina SK 192601
FERRIES C.W. NC5AN Vancouver BC 192703
HINDSON Fred NC3BM Toronto ON 192710
MCROBB J. VE2AU Montreal QC 193007
ROBINSON H.L. VE2BC Montreal QC 193007
CHISOLM Ernest VE5?? Victoria BC 193106
TROTTIER G.L. VE2AF Longueuil QC 193205
EMERY Fred VE3BT Hamilton ON 193205
THOMPSON D.L. VE4HO Regina SK 193206
GAYTON A.A. VE1CE Sydney NS 193212
STEWART J.L. VE4EF Winnipeg MB 193310
ROBINSON Harvey VE3AE Clinton ON 193411
BOND Clifford G.D. VE3JD Toronto ON 193506

The lists below are in zipped, comma delimited text format that can be readily opened by most word processors, and data base programs such as MS Word, Access and Excel. A text file with details about the database is included with each list.

Please note these listings only cover silent keys up to 2006, please contact the RAC HQ for more recent information.

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Download the complete list of silent keys sorted by Call Sign

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Download the complete list of silent keys sorted by Name

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Download the complete list of silent keys sorted by Date

These listings are a compilation of previously published listings that have appeared in The Canadian Amateur, Radioamateur du Quebec, QST,  and QST Canada magazines and are  known to be incomplete - especially for Radio Amateurs who died during World War II.  Please download and check your local listings for any errors or  omissions. The old-timers in your club will be happy to remember Amateur Radio friends from the past. Please send corrections and omissions for these listings to . However, reports of recent Silent Keys should be sent to the , and must meet the requirements for supporting information as required by TCA. Details can be found in any issue. Information from current magazine issues is batched and added to the data base at two month intervals.