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bullet HF band plans
bullet 50 MHz (6M) Page
bullet 144 MHz (2M) Page
bullet 220 MHz (135 CM) Page
bullet 432 MHz (70 CM) Page
bullet 902 MHz (33 CM) Page
bullet 1240 MHz (23 CM) Page
bullet 2300 MHz (13 CM) Page
bullet Microwave Bands Page

ABC - --> core -->
bullet Accredited Examiners Listing
bullet Address Change Form - RAC membership only, not Industry Canada
bullet Address Change for "Licence" - Industry Canada only, not RAC
bullet Administration Manual, RAC
bullet Affiliated Club Program, RAC
bullet Affiliated Club Challenge, RAC
bullet Amateur Radio Bands in Canada
bullet Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Study Guides - COAX Publications
bullet Amateur Radio Clubs in Canada
bullet Amateur Radio Direction Finding - ARDF
bullet Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
bullet Amateur Radio Position Reporting System (APRS)
bullet Amateur Radio Products and Parts Dealers - Canadian
bullet Amateur Radio Products and Parts Manufacturers
bullet Amateur Radio Information for Non-Amateurs
bullet Amateur Radio, What is?
bullet Amateur Television (ATV)
bullet Antennas, Modeling, Towers
bullet Application to join RAC by mail
bullet Application to join RAC on-line (secure)
bullet Application to Operate in Canada
bullet Application to Receive National Bulletins by E-Mail
bullet APRS
bullet ARDF - Amateur Radio Direction Finding
bullet ARES
bullet ARISS Space Station Page
bullet ARISS Amateur Radio on the International Space Station
bullet ARRL - DXCC Field Representatives for Canada
bullet Assistant Directors
bullet Associate Membership
bullet ATV (Amateur Television) Page
bullet Audio Visual Library
bullet Available Call Signs - Canada
bullet Awards Application Form
bullet Awards - Canadian (non-RAC)
bullet Awards - International
bullet Awards - RAC
bullet Badges - Field Organization
bullet Badges - Name/Callsign (Members Only)
bullet Band Plan HF
bullet Band Plan 50 MHz / 6 M
bullet Band Plan 144 MHz / 2 Metres
bullet Band Plan 220 MHz / 135 CM
bullet Band Plan 432 MHz / 70 CM
bullet Band Plan 900 MHz/33 CM
bullet Band Plan 1240 MHz / 23 CM
bullet Band Plan 2300 MHz / 13 CM
bullet Band Plan 2300 MHz (draft revised) 
bullet Band Plans Microwave
bullet Band Planning
bullet Beginners Course Information 
bullet Beginners Information Index
bullet Bench Practice
bullet Benefits of RAC Membership
bullet Board of Directors
bullet Boaters' and Marine Information
bullet Books and Manuals
bullet Broadband over Power Lines (BPL)
bullet Bulletins, National - Archives  
bullet Bulletins, National - Subscription 
bullet Bulletin Service, Official
bullet Cabrillo Format for RAC Contests
bullet Cafe Press - RAC and ARES Items
bullet Call for Nominations - Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
bullet Call for Nominations - Radio Amateur of the year
bullet Callsign@rac E-Mail Address
bullet Callsign Database
bullet Callsign look-up by Cell Phone (WAP)
bullet Callsign Prefixes (Canadian)
bullet Callsign Prefixes(USA and Territories)
bullet Callsign Prefixes Beginning with Numbers
bullet Callsign Prefixes Beginning with Letters
bullet Callsigns and Prefixes for Special Events
bullet Callsigns Available - Canada
bullet Camp "X" History and Pictures
bullet Canada - United States Reciprocal Agreement
bullet Canada Day Contest
bullet CANADAWARD Picture
bullet CANADAY Contest Software
bullet Canada Winter Contest
bullet Canadian Awards
bullet Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame
bullet Canadian Callsign Prefixes
bullet Canadian Amateur Radio Club Information
bullet Canadian Contest Championship Rules
bullet Canadian Contest Championship Results  
bullet CARAB (Canadian Amateur Radio Advisory Board)
bullet Card Checkers, ARRL (DXCC, WAS, VUCC)
bullet CEPT and IARP Permits
bullet CEPT and IARP Questions
bullet Certification Questions
bullet Certified Emergency Coordinators
bullet Check RAC Membership Status by call sign
bullet Clubs - Canadian
bullet Clubs  - Non Canadian
bullet Constitution - RAC (pdf)
bullet COAX Publications - Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Study Guides
bullet Contest Rules - Canada Winter
bullet Contest  Rules- Canada Day
bullet Contesting Information
bullet Core Values of RAC 
bullet Countries With No Incoming QSL Bureau
bullet CW Operation

bullet DARF Trust Web Site
bullet Dealers for Amateur Radio Products and Parts
bullet Dealers for Used Ham Equipment
bullet Digital Communications Modes
bullet Direction Finding
bullet Directors
bullet Donors - RAC (Direct)
bullet Donors - RAC Foundation
bullet Donors - DARF Trust
bullet Download Section Leadership, Official Observer, ARES and NTS Documents
bullet Download Canadian Amateur Radio Hall of Fame Documents
bullet Download Sample Club Constitution
bullet Download RAC Documents
bullet DX Information 
bullet DXCC Card Checkers
bullet EchoLink
bullet EchoLinux
bullet EchoMac
bullet Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC
bullet Electromagnetic Interference
bullet E-mail Addresses of Canadian Hams
bullet E-Mail Alias @ rac.ca
bullet E-Mail SPAM (junk-mail) problems
bullet EME (Earth - Moon - Earth)
bullet Enforcement
bullet E-QSO
bullet Equipment Dealers - Canadian
bullet Equipment Manufacturers
bullet Enforcement of Radio Regulations 
bullet Errata information for RAC Operating Manual - Second Edition
bullet Errata information for RAC Study Guides - Basic, Advanced, Instructors'
bullet Ethics for the Thoughtful Radio Amateur
bullet Examinations and Certification
bullet Examiners (Accredited) - Listing
bullet Executive - RAC
bullet Family Membership
bullet Family Radio Service
bullet Field Organization Badge Order Form
bullet Field Organization
bullet Flea Markets and Hamfests
bullet Foundation (RAC) -Frequently Asked Questions
bullet French Language Pages
bullet Frequency Coordinators/Councils
bullet Frequently Asked Questions
bullet FTP site - See Downloads

bullet Glossary of Terms used in VHF / UHF Repeater Operation
bullet General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
bullet Guidelines for the Thoughtful Radio Amateur
bullet Hall of Fame
bullet Hall of Fame - Nomination Form
bullet Ham Products and Parts Dealers - Canadian
bullet Ham Products and Parts Manufacturers
bullet Ham Radio Nets
bullet Handicapped Amateurs Information
bullet Health Risks from RF Radiation Fields
bullet HF Operation and Technical Index
bullet History Milestones of RAC and our founding organizations
bullet Homebrew / Mods
bullet How RAC Members' Meetings are Conducted
bullet How to Get Started in Amateur Radio
bullet IARP Permits
bullet IARU  (The International Amateur Radio Union)
bullet IARU Monitoring Program (Intruder Watch)
bullet Industry Canada Documents Listing
bullet Interference Help - documents from Industry Canada
bullet Interference Problems and How to Solve Them
bullet Int with Consumer Electronics? - EMC
bullet Information for Non-Amateurs
bullet Insurance - RAC Affiliated Club Insurance
bullet Insurance - Club Liability Insurance
bullet International Amateur Radio Clubs
bullet International Amateur Radio Union Member Societies
bullet International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)
bullet International Licensing and Third Party Traffic
bullet International Prefixes A to Z
bullet International Space Station
bullet Internet Radio Linking Project - IRLP

bullet JOTA (Scouts Canada Jamboree on the Air)
bullet Junk E-mail Problems?
bullet Kits
bullet Latest News
bullet Liability Insurance - $5 Million Club Liability Insurance
bullet Licence Information Index
bullet Licence - Frequently Asked Questions
bullet Life Membership
bullet Links to Useful Web Sites
bullet Links to other Amateur Radio Web Sites
bullet Links to Amateur Radio Web Sites - Foreign Amateurs
bullet Logging Software
bullet Logos
bullet Logos - jpg Format
bullet Long Wave / VLF

bullet Maple Leaf Program - Information
bullet Marine and Boating Information
bullet Marine Weather information
bullet Meeting Procedures for Members' Meetings
bullet Membership - all classes
bullet Membership Application/Renewal form for mail-in
bullet Membership Status Check
bullet Membership On-line Renewal Form
bullet Mexican Permits for Amateurs Visiting Mexico
bullet Mexican Radio Regulations
bullet Microwave Firsts and Distance Records
bullet Microwave Info
bullet Minutes of RAC Board Teleconference Meetings
bullet Mobile - installation, operation
bullet Modifications
bullet Moonbounce / EME Page
bullet Morse and CW Operation
bullet Morse Code Practice On-Line
bullet Morse Proficiency Certificates - (RAC)
bullet Morse Code Recommendation to Industry Canada
bullet Morse Code Recommendation to Industry Canada Cover Letter (pdf)
bullet Name/Callsign Badges (members only)
bullet National Bulletin Archives
bullet National Bulletins by E-Mail
bullet National Traffic System
bullet NTS and ARES files for Downloading
bullet Nets - Local
bullet Nets - More
bullet Nets - Swap
bullet News - Canadian and International
bullet Objectives of RAC
bullet Official Bulletin Service
bullet Official Observer Program
bullet Old Radio Equipment and Links
bullet On-line Shopping for RAC Products - Cafe-Press
bullet On-line Shopping for RAC Study Guides, Badges, Pins -
bullet Ontario RAC License Plates - Information 
bullet Operation and Management of RAC
bullet Operating a Station in Canada
bullet Operating Outside Canada
bullet Outgoing QSL Bureau Instructions
bullet Outgoing QSL Bureau Prefix List
bullet Operating Procedures for Repeater Users


bullet Personal Canadian Web Sites
bullet Personal Foreign Web Sites
bullet Power Line Interference
bullet Prefixes Beginning with Letters
bullet Prefixes Beginning with Numbers
bullet Prefixes - Canada
bullet President's Message
bullet Privacy Policy - RAC (pdf)
bullet Private Line Carrier PLC - also called BPL
bullet Private Pages for RAC Management (draft documents, work in process, etc)
bullet Propagation Forecasts
bullet PSK31
bullet Public Service
bullet QRP Canada
bullet QSL Bureaus
bullet QSL Bureaus - Countries With No Incoming Bureau
bullet rac.ca E-mail Address
bullet rac.ca E-mail Problems
bullet RAC Administration Manual
bullet RAC Affiliated Club Program
bullet RAC Affiliated Club Challenge
bullet RAC Board of Directors
bullet RAC Core Values
bullet RAC Donors
bullet RAC Executive
bullet RAC Field Organization
bullet RAC Field Organization Badges
bullet RAC Foundation
bullet RAC Instructors Guide for the Basic Qualification
bullet RAC Logos
bullet RAC Licence Plates for Ontario Drivers
bullet RAC Management
bullet RAC Membership Status Check
bullet RAC National Traffic System
bullet RAC Objectives
bullet RAC Official Bulletin Stations
bullet RAC On-line Store - Cafe Press
bullet RAC On-line Store - Study Guides, Badges, Pins
bullet RAC Operating Manual - Second Edition
bullet RAC Operating Manual - Second Edition - Errata information
bullet RAC President's Message
bullet RAC Privacy Policy (pdf)
bullet RAC Regional Directors and Assistant Directors
bullet RAC  Standing Committees
bullet RAC Study Guides
bullet RAC Study Guides - Errata Information - Basic, Advanced, Instructors'
bullet RAC Volunteer Managers and Advisors
bullet RAC Web Site Volunteers
bullet RAC Youth Education Program
bullet Radio Amateur of the Year
bullet Radio Modifications
bullet Receivers - remote, web-controlled
bullet Reciprocal Operating Agreements
bullet Records - Microwave
bullet Region 2 IARU
bullet Regional Directors and Assistant Directors
bullet Regulation Enforcement
bullet Regulatory Information 
bullet Repeater Coordination Councils
bullet Repeater Definitions 
bullet Repeater Information
bullet Repeater Operating Procedures and Etiquette
bullet Results - Canada Day Contest
bullet Results - Canada Winter Contest
bullet RF Field Safety


bullet Safety - RF Field
bullet S-Meters and How to Use Them
bullet Satellite Information
bullet Scanner Information
bullet Section Managers
bullet Services by RAC
bullet Short Wave Listeners information
bullet SHF Firsts and Distance Records
bullet Silent Key Listings 
bullet SPAM Problems?
bullet Special Event Call Signs Assigned
bullet Special Event Prefixes and Call Sign Policy
bullet Special Prefixes
bullet Software for Amateur Radio
bullet SSTV
bullet Stolen Amateur Radio Equipment
bullet Subscription to National Bulletins by E-Mail
bullet Swap Nets and Websites
bullet Technical Courses
bullet Test Equipment
bullet Telephone (Cellular, PCS) Information
bullet Threats Facing Amateur Radio
bullet Tools
bullet Towers (Dealing with Municipal Authorities)
bullet Towers (How to Write Letters to Authorities)
bullet Towers - Sources
bullet The Amateur Radio Bands in Canada
bullet Trans Canada Award Image
bullet Trans-Canada Net
bullet Transparent .gif Logos
bullet Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Devices
bullet Unsolicited E-Mail "from" RAC Forwarding Robot
bullet USA Prefixes
bullet Used Equipment Nets/Sites and Ham Equipment Dealers
bullet Useful Information
bullet Useful Amateur Radio Information


bullet VHF-UHF Operating and Technical Index 
bullet VHF-UHF-Microwave Information
bullet VHF - Microwave Records
bullet Visitors to or within Canada, Information for   
bullet Volunteer Listings
bullet VUCC Card Checking
bullet WAS Card Checking
bullet Website Volunteers
bullet Websites of Canadian Amateurs
bullet Websites of Foreign Amateurs
bullet Websites of Foreign Clubs
bullet Websites of IARU Societies
bullet Websites - Used Ham Equipment
bullet What is Amateur Radio?
bullet What We Do
bullet Where To Look
bullet Who to Contact at RAC?
bullet Wireless Phone Information
bullet WRC 2000 Millimetre Band Changes
bullet YL Page
bullet YLRadio - Western Canada's YL Radio Website
bullet Youth Education Program