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To earn your certificate with Basic Qualification, you’ll need to pass a written exam. This is a 70% pass-grade, 100-question multiple-choice test, covering such topics as radio operating practices, basic electrical theory, and the Radiocommunication regulations that apply to Amateur Radio. A mark of 80% or more gives the candidate the additional privileges of Basic Qualification with honours.

Candidates for the Advanced Qualification must pass a 70% pass-grade, 50-question multiple-choice examination covering electrical theory primarily related to the additional privileges granted to holders of the Advanced Qualification.

The examinations may be taken in any order but station operating privileges require a Basic Qualification. Candidates for the examination for Basic and Advanced qualifications are examined by an Accredited Examiner.

Please note that the Examiner information is provided by our regulator – Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) – and not by Radio Amateurs of Canada.

It is the responsibility of anyone certified or has a delegation  from ISED to keep their information up to date with ISED.

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