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The Chief Information & Technology Officer reports to the President:

To evaluate, recommend and manage Computer and Administrative Services for the overall RAC organization.

The position is a member of the RAC executive and attends all of the (monthly) meetings of these as a full member.

The position should provide leadership, direction, stewardship, guidance and support to both the organization and to a small group of volunteer content and web authors. This individual needs to be able to articulate what the overall web direction and design in conjunction with the Director of Marketing and Communications, and manage other volunteers to be able to achieve that vision and direction.


The position is designed to assure that the:

Specific Tasks:

Reporting to, and accountable to, Information & Technical Services:

Other volunteers who can help with the design, update, care and feeding of a web site that reflect well on the organization, the hobby and what can be done with web technology today.

Time Commitment

10 hours a week