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ARES Operations Training Manual


NOTICE:  All original content of the RAC ARES Training Manual is Copyright © 2008 by Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Downloading for personal use is permitted.  Unauthorized reproduction or re-distribution, by any means whatsoever, is a violation of copyright and is prohibited by law.  


    This page features the long-awaited new Radio Amateurs of Canada ARES Operations Training Manual for downloading in a single file. 


    It is also listed section by section for easy access to individual files when download of the entire manual isn't desired.  

    The new manual is part of the RAC Field Services Organization continuing efforts to support the ARES and bring it to a higher level of professionalism in terms of knowledge, competence and confidence.  It may be seen as the definitive and authoritative Canadian source of Emcomm-related information and is presented here for public download by any interested party.  Plans are to eventually offer the manual in hard copy.

    The manual may also be used by instructors as a training aid and a section is devoted to assist in that regard. 

    Every current and potential member of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service should avail himself or herself of the information contained within this comprehensive document.  

    Every appointed RAC ARES official, from Section Emergency Coordinator to Emergency Coordinator, as well as the Section Manager, should also become familiar with the manual's contents so as to ensure a consistent ARES community resource right across Canada.

    While no document can cover every possible situation, the new RAC ARES Training Manual provides vital and updated uniform information that will guide ARES volunteers and officials regardless of where or when an emergency might occur.


    Please note that the pages of the manual include internal links, in blue, which will take the reader to other parts of the training document.  In order for those internal links to operate, however, the link must be to an area within the same section being read or, if not, the entire manual must be downloaded and present on the reader's computer, otherwise an error screen will appear.  External links are also included but they will be operative without the need for downloading any other part of the manual.


    All files in are pdf format and require Adobe Reader which may be obtained at no cost by clicking this image >> Click Here to Get Adobe Reader.


    Any suggestions, errors, additions or comments should be submitted using the Feedback Form provided in the manual.




For the full manual, with all sections, click on the link below.



Entire Manual





Following is the manual broken down to allow for viewing of selected sections without the need for download of the entire document.



Introduction & Front Cover

Table of Contents

Section 1:   Using this Manual

Section 2:   About ARES

Section 3:   ARES in Context

Section 4:   Understanding Emergency Ops

Section 5:   ARES Services

Section 6:   ARES Roles

Section 7:   Emergency Preparedness

Section 8:   Activations and Mobilisations

Section 9:   Incident Command System

Section 10: Emergency Operations

Section 11: Etiquette

Section 12: Nets

Section 13: Authentication

Section 14: Equipment

Section 15: Station Configuration

Section 16: Frequently Asked Questions

Section 17: Digital Communications

Section 18: After Operations

Volume 2:  Volume 2 Cover

Section 19: Station Management

Section 20: Managing Communications Operations

Section 21: Managing Net Controllers

Volume 3:  Volume 3 Cover

Section 22: Emergency Coordinator Duties

Section 23: Emergency Operations for ECs

Section 24: Personnel Management

Section 25: Recruitment

Section 26: ARES Planning

Section 27: Exercises

Section 28: SOPs and Documentation

Section 29: ARES Administrative Roles

Volume 4:  Volume 4 Cover

Section 30: Glossary

Section 31: Software

Section 32: Prowords

Section 33: Forms and Stationery

Section 34: Anderson Powerpole Connectors

Section 35: Safety

Section 36: First Aid

Section 37: Training with this Manual

Comments: Feedback Form

Back Cover & Info






All original content of the RAC ARES Training Manual is Copyright © 2008 Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.  All Rights Reserved.  Downloading for personal use is permitted.  Reproduction or re-distribution, by any means whatsoever, is a violation of copyright and is prohibited by law.


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To the greatest degree practical, externally sourced information has been attributed and authorization sought for use, where required.  Proprietary information and copyrighted material has not been intentionally included.  

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3. RAC is notified of the re-use in writing to the Vice President for Field Services at: VPFS, Radio Amateurs of Canada, Suite 217, 720 Belfast Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 0Z5, email fieldorg@rac.ca.


Other important sources of specific information related to the ARES and the NTS may be found  on the RAC website at http://www.rac.ca/fieldorg/download.htm and http://www.rac.ca/fieldorg/racfsforms.htm.  



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