Minutes of the 2004 Annual General Meeting of Members of Radio Amateurs of Canada at Orillia, ON  Saturday, October 23, 2004

The 2004 Annual General Meeting of the members of Radio Amateurs of Canada was held at the OPP General Headquarters in Orillia, Ontario on Saturday, October 23.  The meeting was called to order at 1000 hours by President Earle Smith, VE6NM. There were 44 persons in attendance. Mr. Smith introduced members of the RAC Executive and Board of Directors who were in the audience. 

A Moment of Silence was observed in memory of Silent Keys. 

Moved by Ann Nutter, VE3HAI, Seconded by Bob Hawkins, VE3AGC, to approve the Minutes of the 2003 Annual General Meeting as published in The Canadian Amateur (TCA).  Motion carried. 

Mr. Smith presented the President's Report to the Members for 2003-2004. He reminded the group that because of health problems, Mr. Daniel Lamoureux, VE2KA and Mr. Robert Nash, VE3KZ were obliged to resign from their respective posts of President and First Vice-President of RAC.  Following the resignations, the Board called a Special Meeting and elected Mr. Earle Smith, VE6NM, as President and Mr. John Iliffe, VA3JI, as First Vice President.  Mr. Smith mentioned the renewed sense of co-operation under the leadership of Past President Daniel Lamoureux  in 2004. He also highlighted achievements over the past year:  the success of the Youth Education Program, the initiatives of the Membership Committee to provide benefits for the current members and to increase membership numbers, the new brochure produced by the Membership Committee for distribution by Industry Canada, and the new liability insurance plan which will cover all RAC members. 

Moved by Charles Leggatt, VE3CFL, Seconded by Lance Dutchak, VA3LDX, that the Audited Financial Statements for Yearend 2003 be accepted as presented.  Motion carried.

Moved by John Iliffe, VA3JI, Seconded by Rick Francis, VE3OXX, that the firm of Collins Barrow, LLP, Ottawa, be appointed as auditors for Radio Amateurs of Canada for the fiscal year 2004.  Motion carried. 

Moved by Tom Johnson, VA3WTJ, Seconded by Keith Baker, VA3KSF, that the Constitution and Bylaws numbered 2 through 7 of Radio Amateurs of Canada, Inc. be amended by replacement with Bylaw No. 8, "A Bylaw to revise the Constitution in its entirety".  Motion carried. 

President Smith presented a plaque to former Honorary Legal Counsel, Mr. Timothy Ray, VE3XV, acknowledging sincere appreciation for his many years of voluntary service to the organisation. As Mr. Ray could not attend the meeting, Mr. Steve Pengelly, VE3STV, accepted the plaque on his behalf. 

Moved by Sue Cooke, VE3SUH, that the formal portion of the meeting be adjourned. 

Following the adjournment of the Annual General Meeting, the floor was opened for discussion and questions. Topics covered included membership of RAC across Canada (only about 13% of Canadian Amateurs are members of RAC);  RAC's proposal to Industry Canada concerning  Morse code and related matters; the new liability insurance provided by RAC to its members.