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Section Leadership Documents

The RAC Section Manager Survival Guide - 255k in pdf format
Field Organization Chart - 24k in pdf format
Field Organization Position Descriptions 

ARES Documents   

The RAC Emergency Coordinator's Manual - Second Edition 1998 (pdf)
Public Service Communications Manual (pdf)  (Used by ARRL and RAC)
Manuel du coordinateur d'urgence RAC (pdf 300 kB) 
RAC ARES Operations Training Manual (pdf 16.2 mB)  NEW  
Public Service Activity Report Form (10kB in pdf format) 
Open Letter to Emergency Coordinators re Certified Emergency Coordinator Program
The RAC ARES Instructor's Training Manual
Manuel de l'instructeur ARES de RAC (ZIP 634 kb décompresse en fichiers pdf)
ARES Registration Form including personal equipment inventory 
ARES Callout Telephone Tree Form (n_tree.gif - 21 kB)
Emergency Coordinator Report Template  See note below**
Red Cross Agreement (pdf 29 kB)   
Red Cross Agreement in HTML
Red Cross 2009 Renewed Agreement (in HTML)   NEW
Entente Croix-Rouge (pdf 50 kB)
BC PERCS/RAC ARES Letter of Understanding (pdf)  Page 1   Page 2   Page 3

NTS Documents

Public Service Activity Report Form (10kB in pdf format) 
Ontario Beaver CW Net Training Manual (200kB in pdf format)
Primary Net Control Master Assembly Roster Form, (net_con.gif - 17 kB)
Standby Base and Mobile Assembly Roster Form, (net_ros.gif - 15 kB)
Log of Operations Form, (net_log.gif - 15 kB)
Single Radiogram Form with Precedences and Handling Instructions* (met_rg.gif - 41 kB)
Two Radiogram Forms on a single page (pdf format) also suitable for NTS operators
Revised Radiogram form (VA3IDJ) - B&W logos (pdf format)
Revised Radiogram form (VA3IDJ) - Colour logos (pdf format)
BC NTS Handbook An excellent basic guide to NTS ops (pdf format)

Official Observer Documents

The RAC Official Observer Guide - 30 kB in pdf format

Also See

Field Organization Forms and Documents (Needed by elected and appointed RAC Field Services officials)


Files with a .pdf extension are in Adobe Acrobat format. You may download, read and print them using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Please click here to download Adobe Acrobat Reader free of charge. 

Graphic images are in .gif format, because it is compatible with most viewers and can be printed out almost universally. Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer can view and print gifs directly.  You may also save them to your hard drive for later use.

**Note - The document template, designed by Jeff Robbins VE3JTR,  can be used for preparing and submitting the Emergency Coordinator report.  It requires MS-Word 95 or better. There are pull-down menus and blanks to be filled in, then the report may be saved and printed quite nicely. Please follow these basic instructions to load the template and use the form. Click above to download the self extracting zip file and save it to your preferred directory.  Double click on the file ( to load the template and start MS-Word. The shaded areas are the only areas you can modify. Use your TAB key to move to each field in the form. The DATE fields are two pull-down menus; select the Month and Year of the report. The FROM field is a pull-down menu; select EC or DEC. Type in your local ARES group name in the FOR field. The SECTION field in a pull-down menu. Select your province or section. Type in the total ARES members in the next field.  MEMBERSHIP increase or decrease is a pull-down menu; select +, -, or NO CHANGE. Type in the number of change if applicable.  Many thanks to Jeff, VE3JTR, for providing this very useful form!


Please direct comments on the Field Services pages and material via e-mail to the Vice President Field Services.  He will coordinate action on your request.



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