NTRG Members

Following, in no particular order, is a list of National Training Resource Group members, including their contact information other than telephone numbers. The email addresses are those which are authorized to receive and originate mail via the reflector but they have been altered to thwart email harvester robots.  In order to use the email addresses, the "space <at> space" must be removed and the symbol @ inserted.

This list is being provided for the exclusive use of the NTRG members and, although some or all of it may be available from other sources, is not for further distribution. 

Please advise the VPFS and the Group Chairman immediately of any changes in this information.

Thank you.


Don Mackinnon, VE4DJ (Chairman)    aresmb <at> shaw.ca
3 Scholberg Lane
Winnipeg MB   R3X 0A5 

Dave Drinnan VE9FK               david <at> drinnan.com                                                                  
4238 Dumfries St
Vancouver BC  V5N 3T2

Monte Simpson K2MLS                   montesk2mls <at> msn.com

2523 North Wycoff Avenue

Bremerton WA  98312-2711



Jeff Dovyak VE4MBQ                      ve4mbq <at> mts.net

39 Allan Blye Drive

Winnipeg MB  R2P 1S5

Lance Peterson VA3LP             lance.peterson <at> sympatico.ca   AND  peterson.wl <at> forces.gc.ca
7 Lasalle Court
Clarence Rockland ON   K4K 1K7 

Pierre Mainville, VA3PM                  va3pm <at> sympatico.ca                 

23 Chatsworth Dr.,

Brampton ON L6X 2L8 

Robert N. Boyd, VE3SV                    rnboyd <at> sympatico.ca
1457 Woodbine Road
Kingston ON   K7L 4V2 

Tim Smith VE3HCB                          tim.smith2 <at> sympatico.ca

1489 Holy Cross Blvd
Cornwall Ontario   K6H 2W9 


Glenn Killam, VE3GNA                      ve3gna <at> sympatico.ca

46 Skootamatta Lane

RR 3 Tweed ON   K0K 3J0 

Forbes M Purcell VE6FMP                  ve6fmp <at> telus.net
Box 1543
Grimshaw AB T0H 1W0

I.R. Snow VA3QT                             va3qt <at> rac.ca

42 Eilleen Drive

Barrie ON  L4N 4L6

Eric Jacksch VE3XEJ                       eric.jacksch <at> tenebris.ca
700-2446 Bank Street
Ottawa ON K1V 1A8

Bob Cooke VE3BDB (ex officio)        vo1dtm <at> hotmail.com

424 Homewood Avenue

Orillia ON   L3V 3K8 




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