Recognizing volunteers for what they do is a highly desirable and important thing to do, as surely everyone will agree. 

Year in and year out, members of the RAC Field Services go about their duties and responsibilities, often with little credit for what they do.   

That isnít to say that the rest of us donít care, but perhaps weíre just careless about saying ďthanks!Ē or ďwell doneĒ, words and phrases that can never be spoken too many times or heard too often.  Itís not unusual for people to take things for granted and to just accept them as being as certain as the sun rising each day.  However, itís not a good way to treat or keep invaluable volunteers. 

So, letís do something tangible about it.  Letís show recognition of our peers, by their peers Ė that means each of you, on both counts Ė by instituting an annual award thatís both meaningful and fun. 

Here are the guidelines. 

1)     Anyone who was a RAC member and an appointed or elected member of the RAC Field Services during 2006 is eligible for nomination.  Nominees shall not have held both an elected and an appointed FS position at the same time.  For the year of nomination (in this case 2006), nominees will have been RAC members, in good standing, for the entire year.  

2)     Remember, the FS includes the ARES, NTS, OOS and the OBS.  (If you donít know what those letters mean, shame on you.  See  http://www.rac.ca/fieldorg/fsterms.htm for an explanation.)  With the exception of AECs, nominators need not be part of the same area of the FS as the one being nominated.  For example, FS volunteers who are in the NTS may name a qualified nominee in the OBS and vice-versa.  AECs may nominate only other members of the ARES and must do so in accordance with rule #3. 

3)     Nominations must be made by no less than three other active members of the FS, at least one of whom must also be a RAC member.  Full contact information must be included for all nominators; i.e. call sign, mailing address, telephone, FS position and email address. Only one nomination may be made by the same nominators for any given year. The Vice President for Field Services (VPFS) may not be a nominee or a nominator, nor may any other member of the RAC Executive or of the RAC Board. 

4)     Nominations must be submitted in written/printed form, preferably by Internet email document attachment in either English or French.  Nominations may not exceed 750 words in length, not including a reasonable amount of supporting documentation such as newspaper or website accounts, photos, written testimonials from the public and/or the Amateur Radio community, letter from his/her mother, etc.  Where necessary, such supporting documentation may be submitted by postal mail or by facsimile to the VPFS.  See TCA for email and postal mail addresses and FAX number.  A head and shoulders photo of the nominee, preferably in electronic form, shall be submitted.   

5)     Nominations must include reasons why the nominee should be considered for the FS Volunteer of the Year award.  Specific examples of remarkable inventiveness, team-building, service to the public/ Amateur Radio community, outstanding dedication to his/her position, or other note-worthy actions pertinent to the FS and as a FS volunteer should be cited.    

6)     Deadline for receipt of nominations for the 2006 award is 1600HRS (4 pm) EST, March 5, 2007.  All nominations must be in the hands of the VPFS by that date and time.   

7)     Nominations will be judged on their own merit by a panel to be formed by and including the VPFS, and in accordance with the requisites indicated in these rules. The panelís decision shall be final. 

8)     The nominee judged as the winner will receive a plaque and/or a certificate, at the discretion of the VPFS. 

9)     The identity of the winner, as well as his/her photo, will appear in TCA and/or on the RAC website. 

10)  No award will be made and no winner named for a given year if, in the panelís judgement, no received nomination meets the necessary requirements for that year.  There will be no ďautomaticĒ winner based solely on the fact that only one nomination is received.  

If this idea catches on and the level of participation is sufficient, the award could continue into future years.  But, as is the case in most FS matters, itís up to you to make it happen.