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Many Canadian radio amateurs are involved in public service activities by providing communications in times of emergencies, or for large and complex community events. RAC encourages and supports these activities through the operation of the Field Organization, a national network of Amateurs dedicated to public service and emergency communications, including the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES), the National Traffic System (NTS), the Official Bulletin Service and the Official Observer Service.

If you would like to learn more about this aspect of amateur radio, contact a member of the RAC National Field Organization and check the Public Service and Section News columns in The Canadian Amateur magazine for details of the activities in your part of the country.  A subscription to The Canadian Amateur can be included with membership in RAC. You may also find the following links useful.

bullet Southern Island Auxiliary Communications
bullet Ottawa ARES - EMRG 
bullet Renfrew County ARES
bullet Durham Region ARES - D.R.A.R.E.S.
bullet New York City District ARES website
bullet Westchester ARES/RACES Members Page
bullet Portland Oregon ARES Information  
bullet ARES Utah County

bullet Ontario Digital NTS site
bullet WECA - National Traffic System
bullet North Carolina National Traffic System

bullet Canadian Red Cross
bullet Canadian Red Cross Agreement
bullet Links to Red Cross sites in other countries

A weekly radio American Red Cross net is conducted Wednesday evenings at 2000 hrs EST on 3.915MHz and again at 2100hrs on 14.325MHz. Valuable information is repeated each week on the business of Communications and Disaster Relief. This informational program provides interest, learning, and on the air experience. Net practice sessions serve as continuing training of operating discipline for volunteer radio operators. This net serves to benefit the emergency response communications network team when called upon in time of actual civil disaster by providing the means for testing operability of equipment that would normally be made available to the American Red Cross during an actual event.

bullet CANWARN Severe Weather Program
bullet US National Hurricane Center
bullet The Hurricane Watch Net
bullet HURRICANECITY Atlantic Hurricane Tracking

bullet Provincial Emergency Radio Communications Society (BC)  
bullet The 2002 PERCS / RAC Letter of Understanding (pdf file)  Replaced by 2006 LOU
bullet The 2006 PERC / RAC Letter of Understanding (pdf file) Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
bullet Community Emergency Response Teams BC
bullet World Conference on Disaster Management
bullet New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization 
bullet -  Emergency Service news  
bullet BC Provincial Emergency Program
bullet B.C. site for "Disaster Lessons and Event Communications"  
bullet International Disaster Recovery Association
bullet RAYNET Main Page  
bullet Amateur Radio Emergency Communications (New Zealand)
bullet New Zealand Search and Rescue Homepage
bullet Disaster Relief site
bullet Free Disaster Recovery Training for Volunteers
bullet Emergency Communications Organizations and Special Projects 

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