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Use this form to register as a volunteer station in the Radio Amateurs of Canada Regional Amateur Radio Alert Network (RARAN) in support of the Saskatchewan AMBER Alert, a programme that swings into action when a child is kidnapped and believed to be in danger of physical harm or death from his/her abductor. 

Any mature, licenced SK Radio Amateur, equipped with a VHF and/or UHF station and a reliable internet connection,  is welcome and encouraged to register to assist in what could be a life or death matter. 

Approved volunteer stations will be added to a special RAC internet email reflector, through which they will receive ONLY notices of or pertaining to AMBER Alerts as issued by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  The RCMP administers the programme for all police services in SK. 

Volunteer stations will receive the Alert via email and transmit the text of the Alert on their local repeater(s) or any other means at their disposal.  The Alert will consist of descriptions of the abducted child or children, the abductor and any vehicle associated with the incident and must be transmitted verbatim, without any additions by the volunteer station operator.

AMBER Alert is seen by police as a valuable investigative tool.  Dutiful Radio Amateurs can be an important part of that effort.

Volunteers are not expected to sit by their computers and radios, waiting for an Alert.  However, they are expected to transmit these important messages when and if they are in a position to do so.  Several stations are required in every area of the province to increase the likelihood that one will be available to transmit a given Alert.

Please complete the form then click the "Submit" button.  If a printed copy of the form is desired, click on "Print" before submitting.

Upon submission of the completed form, registrants will receive further information. 

Click here to learn more about the Saskatchewan AMBER Alert.  (pdf file)

Thank you for your interest and support. 


Registration Form for the

RAC Regional Amateur Radio Alert Network (RARAN)

Supporting the Saskatchewan AMBER Alert

Confidential when completed.  For use of the RAC Field Services only.




PLEASE SUBMIT THIS FORM USING THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS TO WHICH YOU WISH ALERTS TO BE SENT.  In addition, if a call sign is part of your email address, you MUST use the same call sign for your station. 

Submitting a form showing two different call signs is confusing and may result in your address not being added.

(Do NOT use "") *


If you wish a second email address to be included, in addition to that used to submit your registration, please indicate that fact in the "Other Brief Pertinent Info" box.


DO NOT SUBMIT THIS FORM ON-LINE if you are already a registered RARAN station as it may result in duplicate entries to the reflector. 


If you wish to advise of changes or additions to your information, such as email, repeater details, etc,

please email vo1dtm @ direct (remove the spaces either side of the @ sign). 


Thank you.



E-mail Address: *(Do not use
Your Station Call Sign: *
Your Station QTH (Municipality): *
Name(s) of Your Station Operator(s) - NOT Callsigns - : *
QTH of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts: *
In SAME order, Callsign(s) of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts: *
In SAME order, Freqs of Repeater(s) You Plan to Use for Alerts (without tone info): *
Your Station 10-digit Telephone Number (no spaces or dashes): *
Other Brief Pertinent Information:
Are you a member of RAC?: * Yes
No. How do I go about joining?
Are you currently a member of any RAC Field Services, e.g. ARES, NTS, OO, OB?: * Yes
No but I want information about the RAC Field Services.

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