Field Org Badges

Canada's National Amateur Radio Society

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Badges are available in brushed aluminum for use by Field Organization leadership officials and station appointments.  Please order using this form.  All indicated information is required.


(Please print name and call sign legibly exactly as they should appear on the badge.)

Name:__________________________________________ Call Sign: ______________________    

Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________


Postal Code: _______________ E-mail Address: _____________________________________

Telephone number: (Day) _______________________  (Evening)_______________________


FS Appointment (check only one)

Section Manager (  )
Assistant Section Manager (  )
Section Emergency Coordinator (  )
District Emergency Coordinator (  )
Emergency Coordinator (  )
Official Emergency Station (  )
Section Traffic Manager (  )
NTS Net Manager (  )
Official Relay Station (  )
Bulletin Manager (  )
Official Bulletin Station (  )

Note 1: Official badge not available for Assistant Emergency Coordinator or any other position not shown.

Note 2: Use this form only to order Official Silver RAC Field Organization badges. Do not order Official Brass Director/Executive/Committee badges on this form.

Note 3: Because this is a special order item it cannot be returned or refunded. Therefore please ensure you have entered all information clearly and correctly.

"I attest that I will wear this badge only while I hold the above appointment and remain a member in good standing of Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc."

Signed ________________________________________ Call Sign_________________

Date __________________________   

Amount Enclosed - $15.00 including taxes & shipping .
Please send with payment to your Section Manager.

Make cheques payable to Radio Amateurs of Canada Inc.

For Section Manager Use

(Must be completed before any order is filled.)

I have checked the information provided above and all is in order; the applicant is a current RAC Section appointee and RAC member.  I hereby authorize purchase of an official RAC call sign badge as specified.

RAC Section _____________________

Section Mgr. Signature ________________________________  Call Sign ________________

Date ___________________

        Section Manager Please route order and payment through the VPFS.