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The accuracy of the information will be determined by those who contribute. Please send corrections or additions for this page to

K1BV DX Awards Directory

Unless otherwise indicated, the following awards are available to all Radio Amateurs:


The award is issued by Ukarainian Amateur Radio League and consists of basic award and stickers. Basic award can be gained by all licenced amateurs and SWLs for confirmation of QSOs (including contests) using any modes since 1.01.1992 with different Ukrainian Oblasts on 5 bands (160 - 6 m) and is called "5 band UKRAINE". Special mark for single mode is possible on your wish. Stickers are given for each additional band (only if it was not included in basic award application) "160m", "80m", "40m", "30m", "20m", "15m", "17m", "12m", "10m" and "6m"; that are "6 band UKRAINE", "7 band UKRAINE", "8 band UKRAINE", "9 band UKRAINE" and "10 band UKRAINE".

Number of contacts is as follows (on each band):

- Europe: 20 oblasts;
- Others: 15 oblasts.

The award is a full colour plastic plaque [size A5].

The fee is:

-- AWARD -- -- Sticker --
- CIS-countries: 3 USD / 4 Eu 0.8 USD / 1 Eu
- Europe : 4 USD / 5 Eu 1 USD / 1.2 Eu
- Others : 5 USD 1.2 USD

IRCs can be accepted as 1 IRC = 0.8 USD = 1 Eu.

Stickers which was included in first application is free.

GCR-list verified by two licenced amateurs or verified by checkpoint should consist of DATE, CALLSIGN, BAND, MODE and Oblast abbreviation. In first case, award manager can ask for QSL cards for checking.

Application and fee must be send to:

George Chlijanc (UY5XE), P.O.Box 19, Lviv, 79000 UKRAINE


1. List of checkpoints [Last edition 28.03.02]:

- for Belarus: EW1EA [ ];
- for Russia: RU3DX/UR3WDX [ ];
- for Ukraine: chairman (award manager) of UARL-branches;
- for 4X: 4X6HP (exUR5FAH) [ ];
- for 9A (+: S5, T9, YU): 9A6AA [ ];
- for DJ (+: HB, OE): DL6ZFG [ ];
- for EA: EA5OL [ ];
- for F: F6BFH [ ];
- for HA: HA0DU [ ];
- for I: I8YRK [ ];
- for JA: JI6KVR [ ];
- for OH: OH2JXA (exUT5UQN) [ ];
- for OM (+ OK): OM3JW [ ];
- for ON (+: LX, PA): ON4CAS [ ];
- for SP: SP6BOW [ ];
- for W (+ all NA): WY6DX (exUY5DX) [Vladimir Tryasorukov ].

2. Ukrainian Oblasts abbreviations:

(A) SUMS'KA oblast' - [SU]
(B) TERNOPIL'S'KA oblast' - [TE]
(C) CHERKAS'KA oblast' - [CH]
(D) ZAKARPATS'KA oblast' - [ZA]
(F) ODES'KA oblast' - [OD]
(G) KHERSONS'KA oblast' - [HE]
(H) POLTAVS'KA oblast' - [PO]
(I) DONETS'KA oblast' - [DO]
(J) SEVASTOPOL' city - [SL]
(K) RIVNENS'KA oblast' - [RI]
(L) KHARKIVS'KA oblast' - [HA]
(M) LUHANS'KA oblast' - [LU]
(N) VINNYTS'KA oblast' - [VI]
(P) VOLYNS'KA oblast' - [VO]
(Q) ZAPORIZ'KA oblast' - [ZP]
(R) CHERNIHIVS'KA oblast' - [CR]
(S) IVANO-FRANKIVS'KA oblast' - [IF]
(T) KHMEL'NYTS'KA oblast' - [HM]
(U) KYIVS'KA oblast' - [KO]
(U) KYIV (KIEV) city - [KV]
(V) KIROVOHRADS'KA oblast' - [KI]
(W) L'VIVS'KA oblast' - [LV]
(X) ZHYTOMYRS'KA oblast' - [ZH]
(Y) CHERNIVETS'KA oblast' - [CN]
(Z) MYKOLAIVS'KA oblast' - [NI]

Worked World Wide Special Prefixes

The Daunia Dx Club takes pleasure in issuing the "Worked World Wide Special Prefixes" Award. This color certificate is open to all licensed Hams and SWL who will submit proof of two way contacts/heards of:

- 1 or more hams from at least 5 different continents (Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, Oceania), having a special prefix in the call sign.

A QSO/heard with Antarctica -not required the special call- can substitute only one of the 5 special prefixes required.

- Submission of QSL cards is not required: you can send your log checked and verified by yourself: award manager can "random" ask QSLs photocopies.

- There is no time restriction

- The W.W.W.S.P. fee is 10 Euro for Europe and 10 US Dollars for the rest of the world.

- The W.W.W.S.P. award may be issued for specific bands or modes.

- Each Year a special prize will be awarded to the highest scoring station per mode and bands, SWL and HF, (if at least 10 awards issued per mode and bands)

Score = special prefixes worked x number of worked continents (max. 7 !!); divide now for the number of used bands:

Example: worked 15 special pfx in 6 continents on 10, 15, 20 meters (3 bands):

15 x 6 = 90 / 3 = 30 points

Award manager will supply information on the current ranking.

Information is free of charge if the request comes with the award application, otherwise, a S.A.S.E. is suggested.

Send your requests to: Daunia Dx Club award manager:

IK7RWD Miky D'Apote, via Campanile F2 71036 Lucera (FG) ITALY.


The Daunia Dx Club is "born" on 1993 in Foggia ARI (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani); it is  devoted to promote and support Dx and Dx operations, to train ARI local young operators, to promote goodwill and friendship among all radio hams in the world.

Joining the Daunia Dx Club is free to all Hams that will obtain one of two following awards:

the WWWSP Worked World Wide Special Prefixes
the WISP Worked Italian Special Prefixes (next)

2002 ASIAN Game Memorial Award (AGM Award)

Contact with a QSO HL station in the following classes and Memorial Station 6K14PAG or HL0BHQ(KARL Pusan Branch) on each of All Band

1.Class A :Memorial STN and Confirmed QSO the KDN From B01 to B25 (PUSAN Area)

2.Class B : Spell the words "THE 14TH ASIAN GAMES PUSAN" using the last letter from each OF 21 confirmed QSO's HL station.

3.Class C : Contact with 50 HL station and Memorial STN 

4.Class D : Contact with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Area, 0 STN(Club) in HL station and Memorial STN

5. GCR + List + 8 IRC's or US $ 5,00( £Ü3,000 ),copy of your QSL 

6. KARL PUSAN Branch (HL0BHQ) or Memorial STN is instead of alphabet 14

7.Contact after 1. January 2001 - 31. December 2002

8. Send Award Application Until 31. December 2003 to:

Bae H. G.(HL5BPF) 19/3 905-21 
PUSAN #607-131 KOREA


#600-600 KOREA


This award is for a communication with an expedition in or near lighthouse in the sea, rocks or small islands uninhabited or not many people on island.

MOLDOVA - ER Banner Award

MOLDOVA - ER banner award is given out for QSOs with amateur radio stations of Moldova in all ER areas: ER1, ER2, ER3, ER4, ER5. 
QSO with ER6 - ER0 callsigns equals two ordinary QSOs.

To get MOLDOVA - ER banner award one should:
· Radioamateurs in Europe need to have 15 QSOs on any HF band including WARC. · Radioamateurs outside Europe need to have 8 QSOs.
·Radioamateurs on VHF band (50 MHz and higher) need 6 QSOs.
QSOs from August 27, 1993 in any mode can qualify for the banner award.
Dupe QSOs do not qualify.
Same conditions apply for SWLs.
You should send an application (extract from LOG certified by two radioamateurs) by registered letter to:

ER1BF 1561 MD2044
Chisinau, MOLDOVA
Please include 15 USD or 30 IRC as shipping cost.


Pedro Alvares Cabral Award

REP - Rede dos Emissores Portugueses, with the support of the Official Commission for Portuguese Discoveries, is sponsoring this Award, which objective aims to celebrate Portuguese Discoveries in the XV century, and specifically the discovery of Brazil, by Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral.

This Award will be permanent, and for it, will count all contacts made on SSB, CW, Mixed or RTTY modes, on HF bands duly authorized for Amateur service in each country, being the starting date 15th November 1945.

Entrants: Duly licensed Amateurs and SWLs around the World.

Contacts: To be eligible for the basic Award, each entrant should show proof of contact with, 5 stations from different Portuguese "Distritos" and 5 stations from different Brasilian "Estados", with 10 points, in one of the modes: SSB, CW, Mixed or RTTY.

Each Portuguese "Distrito", including those located in Azores archipelago (CU) and Madeira Island (CT3), and each Brasilian "Estado" plus S.Pedro & S.Paulo Isls. (PY0S), Trindade & Martim Vaz Isls. (PY0T) and Fernando de Noronha Isls. (PY0F), worth 1 (one) point.

The Award will have 5 different levels (named classes) as follows (each application will be awarded with a different stamp):

Gold Compass
Class I 20 Points Gold Sextant
Class II 30 Points
Class III 35 Points Gold Anchor
Class IV 40 Points Gold Astrolabe
Class V 45 Points Gold Caravel

An Honor Roll is also available for those amateurs with 52 points. These amateurs can then ask for the correspondent Honor Roll Plaque.

Certificate holders will be listed in several DX bulletins.

Applications: Logs must show, at least: entrant's identification, date, time (UTC), call, band, mode, "Distrito"/"Estado", points.

Each log must be accompanied by:

Summary sheet with entrant's name, address, call, Award level (Basic, Level 1, 2, etc, for example), and final points.

Copies of respective QSLs or by a GCR list. Originals of submitted QSL copies can eventually be required by REP.

Fee: No fee is required

Send Applications to:

P.O.BOX 2483
1112 LISBOA Codex

Natale Di Roma Award

The 3rd Natale di Roma award will be issued to amateur stations and SWLs by the A.RA.C., in collaboration with the Municipality of Roma, to promote amateur radio activity on the 2753rd birthday of the "Eternal City". It may be claimed for having scored at least 20 points, making contacts (/HRD) with amateur stations located in the province of Roma. The same station contacted (/heard) on different bands, or in different modes, or in different days, would be considered as different stations contacted (/heard).

PERIOD: from 00.00 utc of April 15, 2000 to 24.00 utc of April 30, 2000



1 point for each QSO (/HRD) in SSB. (2 points working a Jolly station)
2 points for each QSO (/HRD) in CW/SSTV. (4 points working a jolly station)
5 points for each QSO (/HRD) with "IR0MA" special event station, active on April 21, 2000 in the Commune of Roma.

At least 20 points needed.

CLASSES: OM(hf) - OM(vhf-uhf) - SWL(all bands)

CLAIMS: Each claim must be accompanied by a QSO's list furnished with the callsigns of stations worked (/heard), dates, bands and modes of the contacts (/receptions), final score, meeting the requirement of the award. It must be forwarded to award manager: 

Stefano Cipriani - I0MWI
Via Taranto, 60
I - 00055 Ladispoli (RM)


Each application must be accompanied by the processing fee of US$10 US. or 20.000 lira. and it will be accepted only if received by the award manager not later than August 31, 2000. The Award will be printed in full colors on parchment paper, with a characteristic sight of Roma, and it will be signed on by the Syndic of the City, Mr. Francesco Rutelli.

The best qualified HAMs on each class will receive a handsome plate, in recognition of the excellent performance.

Decisions of the A.RA.C. on any matter pertaining to the administration of this award are final.

Via Gregorio VII, 225 - 00165 ROMA
tel. 06 635766

Special Awards Program Sponsored by the Radio Club Angentino


1) These awards will be issued to amateurs and SWLs all over the world.
2) All bands and modes may be used.
3) May be contacted stations with the Special International Prefixes L2, L3 and L4, from 0000 UTC April 15th to 2400 UTC April 23rd 2000.
4) Fee is US$8 or 10 IRC’s each Award. (Free for Radio Club Argentino members).
5). Applications may be dated October 31st 2000 or before.
6) Application fee is US$8.00, or 10 IRC's each award.
7) GCR will be accepted, and must be sent to

P.O. BOX 97


1. Contact Argentine station using as many different International Special Prefixes L4-1 to L4-9, L5-1 to L5-9 and L6-1 to L6-9 as possible.

2. 4 Award classes are issued:

·PLATINUM: 20 Special International Prefixes
·GOLD: 15 Special International Prefixes 
·SILVER: 10 Special International Prefixes 
·BRONZE: 5 Special International Prefixes

3. Official Station of the Radio Club Argentino, AY1ARU, will count twice and will serve as replacement of any two of the Special International Prefixes you may need.


1. Contact stations of different founder countries of IARU according to the following list:


1The original founder countries list included Newfoundland, which is at present time part of Canada.

2For the purpose of this award, any contact with ex Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic or Slovak Republic will be valid.

2. 3 Award classes are issued:

CLASS I22 Countries
CLASS II15 Countries
CLASS III10 Countries

3. A contact with the Official Station of the Radio Club Argentino, AY1ARU, may replace any one of the countries of the list shown above.

4. A contact with an Argentine station is needed.

The Sydney Award

The aim of the award is to commemorate the Sydney Olympic and Paralympic Games

Award Requirements: The award is made for contacts between amateur Radio Operators anywhere in the world and Amateur Radio operators in the state of New South Wales (VK2 or AX2), Australia.

Award Classes:

The SYDNEY AWARD is available in three classes; Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Bronze: Is available for contacts with four VK2 stations.
Silver: Is available for contacts with eight VK2 Stations
Gold: Is available for contacts with 12 VK2 Stations and must include a contact with the official Olympic station, AX2000, during the Games.

Dates: The award is valid for contacts made between 14th September 2000 (the date of the first Olympic soccer match) and 29th October 2000 (the date of the closing ceremony of the Paralympic Games).

Cost: Yet to be determined.

The Certificate will be a full colour photograph of the Olympic stadium at Homebush, suitably emblazoned with the appropriate logos, contact info etc.

For more information about the award, please contact the New South Wales Division of the WIA by one of the following means:

PO Box 1066
Parramatta NSW 2124

Phone: +61 2 9689-2417
Fax: +61 2 9633-1525

Bases pour l'obtention du diplôme du 20ième anniversaire de l'URA (Union des radioamateurs andorrans)

L'Union des Radioamateurs Andorrans, célébrant son 20ème. Anniversaire, organise un diplôme avec les bases suivantes:

Circuit: Diplôme à caractère international ouvert à tous les radioamateurs et SWL du monde.

Bandes: Toutes les bandes attribuées aux radioamateurs.

Modes: tous les modes seront admis. Un seul diplôme sera délivré dans la modalité mixte.

Dates: du 1er Mars 2000au 31 Mars 2000.

Finalité: des préfixes spéciaux seront délivrés aux membres de l'URA (Union des Radioamateurs Andorrans) à cette occasion.

Ces préfixes seront les suivants. C34, C35 et C36. Les stations désireuses d’ obtenir le diplôme devront réaliser au moins un contact avec chacun des trois préfixes.

Pendant tout le mois de mars les indicatifs C37URA et C37RC seront actifs sur toutes les bandes. Les contacts réalisés avec ces préfixes serviront de "JOKER" aux stations leur manquant un des trois préfixes énumérés ci-dessus (C34, C35, C36).

Obtention du diplôme: celui-ci sera délivré à tous les radioamateurs qui en fassent la demande en envoyant la liste des contacts réalisés avec ces stations à l'Union des Radioamateurs Andorrans, Po. Box 1150 Principauté d'Andorre avant le 30 Septembre 2000. L'obtention du diplôme est totalement gratuite. Tous les diplômes seront envoyés aux bénéficiaires après le 30 Septembre c'est à dire une fois toutes les demandes reçues.

2000 years of history in the Holyland Award: (4X2K).

The 4X2K award is for promoting historical sites related to the beginning of Christianity in the Holyland. Purpose and goals:

1. To enhance and develop historical sites in the Holyland.
2. To help aforesting and development of nature and recreational areas around the historical sites.
3. To promote historical awareness of the region.
4. To encourage portable and mobile HF operations.
5. To establish contacts with amateurs from all over the world.
6. To encourage foreign amateurs to come and operate from these historical sites.

Operation conditions:

1. Operation for the 4X2K award will take place from Jan. 1st 2000 until Dec. 31st the same year.
2. Each amateur must work within his license permissions and comply with the Ministry of Communication restrictions.
3. All bands including WARC, and all modes are permitted (Relays and cross modes are excluded).
4. SWL's are also encouraged to work the award.

Major historical sites:

7 major historical sites related to the life of Jesus were selected.

Each is marked with a number:

*1 for the Bethlehem region.
*2 for the Nazareth region.
*3 for the Jerusalem area.
*4 for the Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee
*5 for the Galilee (excluding Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee)
*6 for the Samaria region
*7 for the Judea region.
Requirements for the Award:

1. Gathering a minimum of 300 points and also working at least 5 of the major historical sites are required.
2. SWL's need the same as above.

Credits and points:
1. A QSO with a station operating from a major historical site gives 5 points.
2. A QSO with a Holyland station located outside the major historical area gives 1 point.
3. A special station 4X2K will operate as /area number throughout the year. A QSO with this station gives 20 points. E.g., if 4X2K/3 operates from Jerusalem, then a QSO with this station gives 20 points, and a credit of area 3 for Jerusalem. Each area may count only once for the award.
4. All QSO's made during the Holyland contest will count double points: Eg., A QSO with a station operating from a major historical site during that time credits 10 points.

1. A station operating from a specific major historical area counts only once. The same station may be worked again only from another major historical area. The same rule applies for stations operating outside the major historical areas.


Report must include callsign and the major historical area number, and RST report. For stations located outside the major historical areas the exchange includes just callsign and RST.


The basic fee is the price of one tree to be planted by the Forestry Department in one of the major historical areas (US$10 or equivalent or 12 IRCs). A certificate will be issued in the name of the amateur that contributed the fee. Special certificates are also available for 10 trees or more. Logs without fees will not be accepted.


1. Logs must include callsign, RST reports, date, time (UTC) and major historical area. Also all calculations for credit must be clearly specified on the log.
2. Operator callsign, name, country/state, address/mail address and zip code must be clear on the log form.
3. No QSLs are required.
4. All logs must be sent before 3/3/2001 to the award manager either via bureau or via home address (new address):
Yoram Gottesman, 4Z1GY.
1 Kehilat Jitomir St.
Neot Afeka, Tel Aviv 69410

Worked all ZS Award

The Worked all ZS Award is available to all Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners.

Applicants must prove two way contacts (or SWL reports) with 100 South African stations. The stations must represent the different call areas as follows:

ZS1 16 contacts
ZS2 8 contacts
ZS3 1 contacts
ZS4 6 contacts
ZS5 13 contacts
ZS6 56 contacts

The following general rules apply:

Contacts may be made on any Amateur band.
Endorsements for a single mode and/or band may be requested.
All contacts after 1 January 1958 count.

South African applicants should send QSL cards, a list of contact details and a handling and postage charge of R 10,00. This award is free to members of the South African Radio League.

Foreign applicants should submit a list of QSL cards, certified by an official of a local radio club or two licenced radio amateurs that have seen the cards. A handling and postage charge of US$ 10,00 or 10 IRCs must also be included.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Awards Manager
South African Radio League
PO Box 1721
1735 South Africa

Top Band Certificate

The Top Band Certificate is sponsored by the South African Radio League. Its aim is to encourage more 160m QSOs with southern African countries

South African stations must submit proof of having contacted at least six different southern African call areas, of which at least five must be in the Republic of South Africa. The sixth contact can be from the remaining South African call area (ZS), or from any of the bordering countries (Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland or Zimbabwe).
DX stations within 1000km of the borders of South Africa need contact only three call areas in the RSA.
DX stations beyond 1000km of the borders of the RSA need to contact only two call areas in southern Africa, one of which must be in the RSA.

All contacts after 1 January 1960 are valid for this award.
Contacts must be established in the range of 1800 to 2000kHz.
ZS amateurs can transmit between 1810 and 1850kHz.
Endorsements for single modes can be requested.

South African applicants should send QSL cards, a list of contact details and a handling and postage charge of R 10,00. This award is free to members of the South African Radio League.
Foreign applicants should submit a list of QSL cards, certified by an official of a local radio club or two licenced radio amateurs that have seen the cards. A handling and postage charge of US$ 10,00 or 10 IRCs must also be included.

Applications should be addressed to:

The Awards Manager
South African Radio League
PO Box 1721
1735 South Africa


All Africa Award

The All Africa Award is sponsored by the South African Radio League. Its aim is to encourage more QSOs with African countries. Applicants must prove having made contact with the following 31 areas:

One contact with a station in each of the six call areas of South Africa (ZS1 to ZS6).
One contact in each of 25 African countries outside South Africa.

Only contacts with stations on the African continent are valid. African islands and ship-based stations do not count. "Country" means a country according to the DXCC list maintained by the ARRL. Deleted countries also count, provided that contacts were made while the country existed.

Application must be made in writing. A list of QSL cards must be included. The list must be certified by an official of a local radio club or two licenced radio amateurs, who have seen the QSL cards. The list must contain at least the following information:

UTC date and time of the contact
Callsign of the station
Transmission mode
Frequency band
Name of the country

Endorsements for single modes and/or bands can be requested.

Include US$10,00 or 10 IRCs to cover postage and handling charges. The award is free to members of the South African Radio League.

Applications should be addressed to:
The Awards Manager
South African Radio League
PO Box 1721
1735 South Africa


SYDNEY GOLD - The gathering of Nations Award

The gathering of Nations Award, created by a group of DX orientated Sydney amateurs under the name "VK DX Association", aims to encourage contacts with amateurs in the Sydney region during the year of the 2000 Olympic Games. The award will be available to all licenced amateurs and SWLs around the world during the last six months of next year.

The Award will be issued in three levels:-

Gold for contacts on three or more bands,
Silver for contacts on two bands,
Bronze for contacts on one band.

Stations making contact with Sydney amateurs for the purposes of this award are required to log the relevant postcode along with normal signal reports for each contact. Sydney amateurs are requested to give their postcodes to stations contacting them. Sydney postcodes are 2000 to 2249, 2560 to 2570 and 2745 to 2770. The full rules will be published shortly in various amateur radio publications and other media. Further inquiries may be made to the award manager:
John Saunders VK2DEJ,
PO Box 299, RYDE.
NSW 2680 Australia

Programa de Diplomas Radio Club Argentino


1) Se otorgan a radioaficionados con licencia oficial y a radioescuchas (SWL).
2) Los contactos se deben realizar entre las 0000 horas del día 16 de junio y las 24000 horas del día 23 de junio de 1999.
3) No hay limitaciones de banda o modo.
4) El costo de cada Diploma es de US$ 8.= o 10 IRCs.
Para socios del Radio Club Argentino y RADIO CLUBES socios adherentes del R.C.A., los diplomas son SINCARGO.
5) Se debe enviar lista certificada por un Radio Club reconocido, ante el que se deberá presentar el Libro de Guardia donde consten los comunicados, a:

Radio Club Argentino
Casilla de Correo 97


Se deben acreditar contactos con el mayor número de Prefijos Internacionales Especiales diferentes, L2-1 a L2-9, L3-1 a L3-9 y L4-1 a L4-9. Se otorga en cuatro clases.

PLATINO = 20 Prefijos Internacionales Especiales.
ORO = 15 Prefijos Internacionales Especiales.
PLATA = 10 Prefijos Internacionales Especiales.
BRONCE = 5 Prefijos Internacionales Especiales.

La estación del Radio Club Argentino L75CB, servirá como reemplazo de cualquier Prefijo Internacional Especial faltante.


Se deben acreditar contactos con la mayor cantidad posible de estaciones que utilicen los Prefijos Internacionales Especiales L2, L3 y L4. Se emite en cuatro clases.

Clase I = Contactos con 300 estaciones diferentes.
Clase II = Contactos con 200 estaciones diferentes.
Clase III = Contactos con 100 estaciones diferentes.
Clase IV = Contactos con 50 estaciones diferentes.

La estación del Radio Club Argentino L75CB valdrá por 5 estaciones.


Se debe sumar la mayor cantidad de puntos.
El puntaje se obtiene por la unión del Número del Prefijo Internacional Especial y el correspondiente a la Señal Distintiva.

Por Ejemplo: L2-4AA = 24 PUNTOS
L3-5DZ = 35 PUNTOS

Se emite en cuatro clases:

Superior = 2500 puntos.
Especial = 1500 puntos.
Notable = 1000 puntos.
Extra = 500 puntos.

La estación del Radio Club Argentino L75CB otorga 75 puntos.

Public Transport Award

1- Make a QSO with one of the following stations:



2- Make a title of the ( PUBLIC TRANSPORT ) with the last letter of the suffix from a call you worked after 01-01-1998 There are no mode restrictions. The application must be accompainied by a log abstract signed by two OM's.

Send application to:

Award manager ON1DHR
Luc Danneels
De Klerckstraat 49
8300 Knokke

Price: US$6 or 5-IRCs

Worked All Europe Award

The oldest and most renowned of all DARC certificates is awarded for Contacts with amateur stations in many European countries and on the European islands on different bands.

Each confirmed country counts one point per band, with a maximum of five claimed bands per country. DX stations may count two points for any contact on 160 or 80 Metres,

The award is issued in two divisions: two-way telegraphy (CW) and two-way phone (SSB/AM/FM) - no mixed Mode award

WAE III at least 40 counties and 100 points
WAE II at least 50 countries and 150 points
WAE I at least 55 countries and 175 points.

More information is available (in German) on the DARC web site


The diploma is issued by OZ7DAL, Danish Amateur Lightship, located on board 'FYRSKIB XXI', and is available in 7 classes to licenced amateurs and SWLs as a basic diploma with 6 upgrades.
Valid for the diploma are QSLs for contacts on or after 25 March 1994 with amateur radio stations
duly authorised to operate from active or inactive lightships or lighthouses* anywhere in the world. * Electronic interference can prevent non essential radio transmissions from active lighthouses and for that reason authorised operation from a location within the lighthouse premises is acceptable.

Direct contacts are valid. Min RS(T) 33(8) on any band or mode. Crossbands accepted. We encourage VHF operators to apply with a mix of QSLs for direct contacts and SWL.

QSLs must reflect QTH (Photo/drawing QSL, offical stamp on QSL, or similar). Do not send
QSL's. A list showing full details of the contacts should be certified by the awards manager of a national society (GCR). If the applicant is not a member of a national society, all QSLs must be sent to OZ7DAL, with sufficient postage of IRCs for their return. Regardless of GCR, OZ7DAL reserves the right to call for the applicant to submit any or all of the cards listed in the claim.

As the reply rate for SWLs can be as low as 25 per cent, SWLs need only send a list of stations
heard. The diploma can only be claimed if contacts are made/heard over a period of more than 7 days.  Basic NATIONAL 7 contacts anywhere in the world, OZ7DAL, is mandatory as one
of the 7 contacts. Upgrade CONTINENTAL Additional 8 contacts. New total 15 must represent minimum 4 countries.
Upgrade BI-CONTINENTAL Additional 5 contacts. New total 20 must represent minimum 6
countries in 2 continents.
Upgrade TRI-CONTINENTAL Additional 5 contacts. New total 25 must represent minimum 8
countries in 3 continents.
Upgrade WORLD WIDE Additional 5 contacts. New total 30 must represent minimum 10 countries in 4 continents.
Upgrade WORLD WIDE EXTRA Additional 5 contacts. New total 35 must represent minimum 15
countries in 5 continents.
Upgrade EXCELLENCE Additional 15 contacts. New total 50 must represent minimum 20 countries and all 6 continents.

The fee for this diploma is 12 IRCs / 9 US$ / DKK 55, including first class mail (100g.) Upgrades:
GCR + standard size SAE and 3 IRCs / 2 US$ / DKK 15, per upgrade.

The address is OZ7DAL
DK-8400 Ebeltoft

ON4CLM Award from Belgium

On November 1, 1944 the Belgian town of Knokke was finally liberated at great cost in Canadian lives. Each year, the fallen Canadians are remembered with ceremonies, festivities and a "Canadian Liberation March" on November 1. During this Canadian Week, many Canadian and Belgian veterans, VIPs and Radio Amateurs participate in the events.

This year, Special Event Station ON4CLM (the suffix stands for Canadian Liberation March) will be on for the 15th time from October 24 to November 2.

A multi-coloured ON4CLM Award will be available to all licensed Amateurs and SWLs for any contact or report on this Special Event Station. QSL cards will also be available.

The cost of the ON4CLM Award is US$5 (no cheques) or 10 IRCs. All proceeds go to a welfare fund to maintain memorials and to keep ON4CLM on the air next year.

Listen for ON4CLM on the following frequencies (MHz)

Frequency (in Mhz.) ON4CLM
  80m 40m 30m 20m 17m 15m 12m 10m 2m
SSB 3.685 7.045   14.145 18.150 21.245   28.545 144.250
CW 3.515 7.012 10.118 14.020 18.087 21.020 24.897 28.020 144.020
FM                 145.475
Packet ON4CLM @ ON1CED

For more information, contact: Bob Dyserinck, ON1DKE (N1TBH) Vuurtorenstraat 12 B-8301 HEIST aan Zee, Belgium

For QSLs and the award:
Post Box 110
B-8300 KNOKKE-HEIST, Belgium

ROARS Silver Jubilee Award

To Commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society, we have introduced the above Award.

Period: From 1st October 1997 to 31st December 1997.
During this period all A4 Stations will use /SJ after their suffix. e.g. A41XX/SJ, A45XX/SJ, A47RS/SJ. A special event station A43XXV will be QRV from 17th to 21st December 1997.

Conditions for the Award:

The Award will be issued to any DX stations which qualifies to get Five (5) points:

Special Event Station A43XXV counts 3 points
Club Stations A47RS/SJ and A47OS/SJ counts 2 points
Other individual stations count 1 point

Contact with the same station on different Band or Mode double the points.

Fee for the Award:

Send your certified log copy with 10 IRCs or US$ 5 to:

Nasser Khalfan Al Rawahi, A41KG
The Awards Manager
P.O.Box 981, Muscat
Postal Code: 113
Sultanate of Oman.

The 50th Anniversary of The Republic of Korea Award

This short term award is issued on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the   Republic of Korea.

The following classes are available.
Class K : contacts 50 special prefix stations.
Class A : contacts 25 special prefix stations.
Class R : contacts 5 special prefix stations.
Class L : contacts 5 Korean stations including 1 special prefix station.

Special prefix are HL50, DS50, 6K50, 6L50 and 6M50.
Contacts during the period August 1, 1998 to August 31.
GCR list and fee of US$4 or 8 IRCs
Application must be submitted not later than August 31, 1999 to

KARL Award Manager
C.P.O.Box 162, Seoul 100-601,


The OQ Award

The Belgian IARU society UBA proudly presents The OQ Award at the occasion of the birth of H.R.H. Princess Elisabeth, born on October 25th, 2001. Belgian stations are entitled to use the special prefix OQ till the end of 2001. Every HAM and SWL is encouraged to apply for this commemorative certificate.


Work/hear stations using the OQ prefix between October 26th and December 31st, 2001. On HF, Belgians need at least 15 different stations, including at least 4 different prefixes; On VHF/UHF Belgians need at least 20 different stations, including at least 6 different prefixes; Other Europeans need at least 7 different stations, including at least 3 different prefixes; All others need at least 5 different stations, including at least 2 different prefixes.

There are no band restrictions, but repeater contacts are invalid. All modes, except packet radio may be used. Click here for a picture of the award.

Send your log extract + the fee of 5 ? or 5 $ no later than February

28th, 2002 to: UBA Award Manager, Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS, Postbus 85,

Mechelen 2, B-2800 Mechelen, Belgium.

Worked All Continents (WAC) Award

In recognition of international two-way amateur radio communication, The International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) issues Worked All Continents certificates to amateur radio stations of the world.

Qualification for the WAC award is based on an examination by the International Secretariat, or a member-society of the IARU, of QSL cards that the applicant has received from other amateur stations in each of the six continental areas of the world. All contacts must be made from the same country or separate territory within the same continental area of the world. 

All QSL cards (no photocopies) must show the mode and/or band for any Endorsement applied for.

Contacts made on 10/18/24 MHz or via satellites are void for the 5-band certificate and 6-band endorsement. All contacts for the QRP endorsement must be made on or after January 1, 1985 while running a maximum power of 5 watts output or 10 watts input.

The following information should be helpful in determining the continental area of a station located adjacent to a continental boundary. 

North America includes Greenland (OX) and Panama (HP). 

South America includes Trinidad & Tobago (9Y), Aruba (P4), Curacao & Bonaire (PJ2-4) and Easter Island (CE0).
Oceania includes Minami Torishima (JD1), Philippines (DU), East Malaysia (9M6-8) and Indonesia (YB). 

Asia includes Ogasawara Islands (JD1), Maldives (8Q), Socotra Island (7O), Abu Ail Island (J2/A), Cyprus (5B, ZC4), Eastern Turkey (TA2-8) and Georgia (UF).

Europe includes the fourth and sixth call areas of Russia (UA4-6), Istanbul (TA1), all Italian islands (I) and Azores (CU).

Africa includes Ceuta & Melilla (EA9), Madeira (CT3), Gan Island (8Q), French Austral Territory (FT) and Heard Island (VK0). 

There is a $15.00 fee for Canadian stations. Sufficient return postage for the cards, in the form of a self-addressed stamped envelope or IRCs, is required. Canadian Amateurs must have current RAC membership.

Application forms should be directed to the address below. After verification, the cards will be returned and the award sent soon afterward.

Bill Metcalfe, VE6BF
AB  T4X 1C3

Click here for a WAC Award application form