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The following news report is courtesy of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL):

Friedrichshafen event logo“Germany Welcomes the World” is the theme of the 2017 edition of Europe’s major annual Amateur Radio gathering, known simply as “Ham Radio 2017” but more commonly called ‘Friedrichshafen’, the city on the shores of Lake Constance where it takes place each summer.

“The Ham Radio is Europe’s most important Amateur Radio exhibition. It is distinguished by its practice of addressing current topics from the community in its supporting program, while presenting a high quality selection of products. It will therefore it will once again live up to its reputation in the industry this year,” a confident Messe Friedrichshafen CEO Klaus Wellmann, said in a press release.

The 42nd edition of Ham Radio will feature some 200 exhibitors from 30 countries, including around 70 associations. This year, the Deutschen Amateur Radio Club (DARC) will celebrate the 45th anniversary of the founding of the Amateur Radio centre in Baunatal and will welcome visitors to the Lake Constance Conference.

Among its show activities, the DARC will sponsor a competition for radio or electronics kits suitable for young people. Young radio enthusiasts aged 11 and older should be able to assemble the kits within 30 minutes without having to etch circuit boards. There will be an onsite Amateur Radio fleamarket.

Youth Activities

The Chair of the IARU Region 1 Youth Working Group, Lisa Leenders, PA2LS, has invited young Radio Amateurs to join the International Youth Meeting on Saturday, July 15, at 10 am, in the Liechtenstein Room. The program will include a rundown of the youth contesting program at 9A1A, plus an open mic session, where participants can share their experience on youth activities.

“This is the moment to share your experiences on youth activities and to ask questions to other attendees,” Leenders said. Members of the UK YOTA 2017 team will be at Ham Radio in Friedrichshafen to receive the official Youngsters on the Air (YOTA) flag from the YOTA Austria 2016 team.

A Ham Rally will take place on Friday and Saturday, offering a varied program for young Amateur Radio operators between the ages of 8 and 18, and a Ham Youth Camp — organized by the fairgrounds and DARC for participants aged 27 and younger — will take place during all three days of Ham Radio 2017.

WRTC 2018 logoWRTC 2018

World Radiosport Team Championship 2018 (WRTC 2018), which takes place next July in Germany, is a particular focus. The show will include an exhibit of WRTC equipment as well as a demonstration of the competition and video presentations about WRTC 2018. Ham Radio sponsors say several other presentations at the show also will highlight the upcoming international event.

Educational Activities

Ham Radio 2017 will feature a teacher training course with presentations and workshops where educators can learn how to bring students closer to electronics and information technology. This year’s theme is “Oscillations and waves — effects and sensors.”

A Contest University (CTU) session is set for the show’s opening day for both novice and veteran contesters to learn how to gain a competitive edge. Other educational sessions will focus on emergency communication and software defined radio technology.

A fox hunt will be held in the wooded area near the fairgrounds on the final day of the show.

Friedrichshafen Ham Radio 2016Maker Faire

The concurrent and fourth annual Maker Faire will open its doors on Saturday and Sunday, offering creative minds and tinkerers ideas and accessories at about 80 exhibitors, including schools and private and commercials exhibitors. The make-it-yourself event will present concepts ranging from case modding — in which off-the-shelf computers are individually redesigned — to upcycling — in which old objects are repurposed.

Next year’s Ham Radio 2018 will take place from June 1-3 in Friedrichshafen.