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Industry Canada rolls out New Amateur Radio Exam Generator and Updated Question Bank


Today, March 6th, Industry Canada released a new set of amateur radio exam questions based on recommendations made by RAC and launched a new exam generator.

“This is good news that we were eagerly anticipating. “ Says Geoff Bawden, VE4BAW, President of RAC.
“We were pleased to work with IC on this issue of significant importance to amateur radio operators and RAC will continue to work with Industry Canada to provide Canadian radio amateurs with the best possible circumstances to pursue their hobby.”

The new exam generator can be accessed at the following URL:



In December of 2012 Industry Canada put out a Request For Proposals (RFP) to update the amateur radio question bank used for examinations to qualify radio amateurs. RAC provided a proposal and subsequently entered into a contract with Industry Canada in January 2013 to update the amateur radio question bank. RAQI was engaged by RAC to collaborate on the French language component of the contract.

The review team examined more than 3000 questions and 12000 answers used for the Basic and Advanced examinations in English and French and aimed for perfection in every one. Technical and linguistic accuracy were equally important in the review. Changes included correcting factual errors, replacing obsolete language and examples, making questions and answers clearer and ensuring that questions addressed current amateur radio practices and regulations. The team accomplished most changes through the editing of existing questions but also recommended that obsolete questions be deleted and new questions added. Comments from radio amateurs in response to the RAC bulletins on the question bank review aided the team in identifying where changes were needed.

On March 13, 2013, Radio Amateurs of Canada complete its work and delivered a comprehensive and detailed set of recommendations to Industry Canada.


Now that Industry Canada has implemented the updated question banks, RAC will prepare information identifying where changes have been made to assist instructors in modifying their course materials and examiners in preparing for the change. As has been mentioned in previous bulletins, the curriculum has not been changed. The topics addressed in the exams and consequently in courses and educational material remain the same. The changed questions are clearer, more accurate, more understandable and more relevant to modern amateur radio.

Francophones should immediately see a significant improvement in the French language questions.

“RAC put a great deal of effort and expertise in working with IC to update the question banks and looks forward to competing for contracts on significant projects related to amateur radio if the opportunity presents itself in the future.” Stated Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA, Vice-President and Regulatory Affairs Officer.


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