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Dave Sumner, K1ZZ, Secretary of the International Amateur Radio Union, reports that Andrew J. Wolfram, KI7RYC, has donated the domain to the IARU for non-profit educational use to promote the Amateur and Amateur-Satellite Services.

In accepting the gift President Tim Ellam, VE6SH, said:

“The domain offers a unique opportunity for which we are deeply grateful to Andrew. It is our intention to develop a website that can serve as a focal point for anyone, anywhere, who may be seeking information on Amateur Radio, which is better known as ‘ham radio’ by the general public.”

The IARU is the global federation of national Amateur Radio organizations with member-societies in more than 160 countries and separate territories. Since its founding in 1925 the IARU has successfully defended and expanded access to the radio spectrum by licensed Radio Amateurs internationally.

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