Point Prim Lighthouse (CAN 809)
The following news item is courtesy of Kevin, VK2CE, and the Southgate Amateur Radio News:

The International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend (ILLW) was, according to reports, another successful event with 440 stations which entered for the event from 49 countries.

This was the 21st year the event has been held and 25 years since the Northern Lights Award came on the air in 1993. The ILLW evolved from that Scottish Award concept to become one of the most popular events in Amateur Radio. Band conditions were improved on last year but were still a long way from those of years ago.

One of the main comments was the apparent lack of courtesy on the air by some of the larger stations running a lot more power than most of those at lighthouses.

We continually point out that the ILLW is not a contest and there is no reason or benefit in accumulating a lot of lighthouse contacts.

The objective is to talk to other stations and spread the word about lighthouses and their situation as an endangered species. Please remember that stations at lighthouses are running less than 100 watts and with temporary antennas, usually wire.

Another suggestion is that entrants not leave it until the last few days to enter as most stations would like to update their list before they leave for the lighthouse and Internet connections are not always available at remote locations.

The entrants list for 2019 already has 71 lighthouses listed for the weekend of August 17 and 18, 2019.

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International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend: this weekend August 18-19