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Contest Calendar: April and Early May 2024

Front cover of the March-April 2024 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine
April 7 to May 12, 2024 –

SP DX Contest 1500Z, April 6 1500Z, April 7

JIDX Contest CW 0700Z, April 13 1300Z, April 14

New Mexico QSO Party 1400Z, April 13 0200Z, April 14

Georgia QSO Party 1800Z, April 13 2359Z, April 14

Holyland DX Contest 2100Z, April 19 2100Z, April 20

YU DX Contest 0700Z, April 20 0659Z, April 21

CQMM DX Contest 0900Z, April 20 2359Z, April 21

Michigan QSO Party 1600Z, April 20 0400Z, April 21

Ontario QSO Party 1800Z, April 20 1800Z, April 21

Quebec QSO Party 1200Z, April 21 2000Z, April 21

SP DX Contest RTTY 1200Z, April 27 1200Z, April 28

UK/EI DX Contest CW 1200Z, April 27 1200Z, April 28

Helvetia Contest 1300Z, April 27 1259Z, April 28

Florida QSO Party 1600Z, April 27 2159Z, April 28

ARI International DX Contest 1200Z, May 4 1159Z, May 5

7th Call Area QSO Party 1300Z, May 4 0700Z, May 5

Indiana QSO Party 1600Z, May 4 0400Z, May 5

Delaware QSO Party 1700Z, May 4 2359Z, May 5

New England QSO Party 2000Z, May 4 2400Z, May 5

Canadian Prairies QSO Party 1700Z, May 11 0300Z, May 12