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RAC Maple Leaf Operator Member logos
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RAC Maple Leaf Operator Levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold 

Radio Amateurs of Canada is a national, non-profit organization devoted to the protection of Amateur Radio for public use and advocacy for enthusiasts of Amateur Radio at local, national and international levels. As such, the primary goal of all membership fees collected by RAC is to support our operations in this regard.

RAC continues to depend on donations from clubs and members for our many programs and initiatives – including the  RAC Youth Program, the RAC Scholarship Program, the Defence of Amateur Radio Fund (DARF) and the RAC Auxiliary Communications Service.

The Maple Leaf Operator Membership is a special, premium membership level designed for individuals who wish to more directly sponsor RAC and its activities, above and beyond standard membership contributions.

By becoming a Maple Leaf Operator (MLO) at one of the three levels of membership listed below your contribution will directly support RAC’s programs:

Bronze: $100 per year (plus applicable taxes) provides approximately $44 per year in additional funds to sustain RAC and to help it grow

Silver: $500 per year (plus applicable taxes) provides approximately $444 per year to RAC

Gold: $1,000 per year (plus applicable taxes) provides approximately $944 each year to RAC