The following news item is courtesy of the International Amateur Radio Union Region 1:

Hurricane Katia is targeting Mexico. Authorities have issued a notice with respect to HF Emergency Frequencies. As always please ensure the frequency is clear prior to use.

The National Emergency Network of the Mexican National Society (FMRE) declared on September 8 that they would be using the following frequencies as they prepared for the arrival of Hurricane Katia.

With the magnitude 8.1 Earthquake hitting Mexico at 0449UTC today, assume that these frequencies are in use now as they respond to that disaster.

20m: 14,120 kHz
40m: 7,060 kHz
80m: 3,690 kHz

14325 kHz was also expected to be used to coordinate with the USA Hurricane Watch Net.

Various Winlink nodes may also be used to deal with the emergencies.
With HF propagation disturbed after the X9 solar flare on Wednesday, please take all steps to avoid interference to emergency communications activities in the Caribbean.