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Abbreviations used:

ARC (Amateur Radio Club)

ARA (Amateur Radio Association)

ARS (Amateur Radio Society)

T: (Tone)
The list of clubs is sorted by province, then city, then club name in the following order:

Manitoba and Saskatchewan.


Club Name:Ontario DX Association (ODXA)
City: N/AServing Areas: Canada
RAC RegionN/A
Club Callsign:VE3ODX and VA3ODX
Club Mailing Address:Ontario DX Association, 3211 Centennial Dr., Apt. 23, Vernon, B.C., V1T 2T8
Meeting dates, times, locations:Check the club’s website
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters and Beacons:

VA3ODX 442.225 MHz    T:131.8Hz  (Located in Hamilton)

VA3ODX 224.480 MHz    T:131.8 Hz (Located in Hamilton)

Club Events: 
Club Notes:Monthly columns devoted to shortwave radio broadcasting are posted to the club’s website and are freely available for download as .pdf files
Listing last updated:2015.08.25



Club Name:Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (CLARA)
City: n/aServing Areas: Canada
RAC Region:n/a
Club Callsign: 
Club Mailing Address:See the website for contact information
Meeting dates, times, locations:n/a
Classes Offered:n/a
Accredited Examiner(s):n/a
Club Events: See website
Club Notes: See website
Listing last updated: 2014.07.03



Club Name:Manitoba Repeater Society Inc.
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Manitoba
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Ed Richardson   VE4EAR    204.254.8425 or Email:
Club Mailing Address:598 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB  R2M 3L5
Meeting dates, times, locations:Twice a year at  Winnipeg Senior Centre & MARM Hamfest
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE4CDN  145.270 (-) Morris

VE4MAN  146.610 (-) Starbuck

VE4GIM   146.850 (-) Gimli

VE4MIL    145.210 (-) Milner Ridge

VE4EMB  147.360 (+) Hadashville

VE4WPG 147.390 (+) Winnipeg

VE4VJ      443.500 (+) Winnipeg

VE4WRS  145.450 (-)  Winnipeg – Autopatch IRLP#1066

VE4MRS  145.310 (-)  Bruxelles

VE4PTG   147.165 (+)  Portage La Prairie

Club Events:MRS Net and Swap & Shop, Thursdays and Sundays, 2100 local time, on any of the linked repeaters
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2011.08.03


Club Name:Brandon ARC Inc.
City: BrandonServing Areas: Brandon
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4QD
Contact:Dave Snydal   VE4XN   204.728.2463 or Email:
Club Mailing Address:25 Queens Crescent, Brandon, MB  R7B 1G1
Meeting dates, times, locations:1st Thursday of each month, except July/August at 1930 (CT)
Forbidden Flavours 1060-18th St.
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):VE4SR

VE4BDN 146.940 (-)

VE4TED 146.730 (-)

VE4HS 146.880 (-)

VE4CTY 146.640  (-)

VE4CTY 448.700 (-)

VE4IHF  146.850(-)

VE4IHF  444.325 (+)

Club Events:Field Day
Club Notes:Active in ARES
Listing last updated:2018.08.05
Club Name:Manitoba Amateur Radio Museum Inc. (The)
City: BrandonServing Areas: Brandon
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4ARM
Club Mailing Address:Box 10, Austin, MB R0H 0C0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Annual General Meeting, last Sunday in May at 1400 at MARM
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VE4MTR 146.910 (-)
Club Events:See club website
Club Notes:Museum open May 12 to October 1st, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Listing last updated:2011.12.01
Club Name:Dauphin ARC
City: DauphinServing Areas: Dauphin
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Email to:  Stew    or Marty
Club Mailing Address:247 Bossons Ave. Dauphin, MB, R7N 0R3
Meeting dates, times, locations:Various locations
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes – VE4STU

VE4MBR Baldy Mountain 147.030 (-)

VE4BMR Baldy Mountain 448.400 (-) UHF Linking Radio

VE4BVR Russell 147.240 (+)

VE3SHR Spear Hill 146.700 (-)

VE4LDR Lundar 146.970 ( – )

VE4SIX Woodlands 145.430 ( -)

VE4BAS Basswood (private) 145.150 (-) linked

Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2018.08.02
Club Name:Pathfinders ARC Inc.
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg and surrounding communities
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VA4PAR
Contact:Sunday B. Satiada, VE4SBS Email:    or 204-990-5267
Club Mailing Address:1301 Dominion St. Winnipeg, MB R3E 2P9
Meeting dates, times, locations:Last Sunday of each month 1200 (CT) at 442 William Avenue, Winnipeg.
Classes Offered 
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VA4FIL   443.600 (+) Winnipeg – IRLP #1205

VE4PAR   145.170 (-) T:127.3  Winnipeg – Autopatch, Echolink 6851

VE4JRA   146.670 (-)  Winnipeg – Echolink 14684

VA4UHF   444.750 (+) Winnipeg

Club Events:The club provides volunteers for the Winnipeg Marathon, Terry Fox Run, Field Day
Club Notes:VA4PAR Weekly Net Schedule – Every Monday @ 1900 (CT ) .
Tune into VE4PAR Repeater 145.170( – ) T:.127.3 Hz
Link to Echolink @ *MRILP-MB* Node #6840 Winnipeg Conf. Server.
Listing last updated:2013.02.25
Club Name:SCAN International, Winnipeg Chapter
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4INC
Contact:Rollie Laberinto, Email:
Club Mailing Address:459 Banning Street Winnipeg MB. R3G 2E7 or 1103 Strathcona Street Winnipeg MB R3G 3G7
Meeting dates, times, locations:Twice a month and as requested for urgent matters.
Classes Offered:If there are examinees
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE4INC-L 147.180 (+)

VE4WIG-L 145.715 (-) 147.425

Club Events: 
Club Notes:SCAN International has 6 conference servers e.g *scan_win*, *scan_can*, *scan_nca*, *scan_us*, *va7inc* and *dx1evm* all are interconnected.
Listing last updated:2012.06.27
Club Name:Winnipeg ARC
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4BB
Club Mailing Address:598 St Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB  R2M 3L5
Meeting dates, times, locations:

2nd Tuesday of the month, Sep – Jun, at 1930 (CT).

Currently online by invitation only.

Classes Offered:To restart in Spring 2022. TBA
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes
Club Events:HamFest 2022 TBA
Club Notes:Club newsletters can be accessed at http://www.winnipegarc.org/newscaster.html
Listing last updated:2021.08.26
Club Name:Winnipeg ARES Inc.
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4YWWO
Contact:Jeff Dovyak   VE4MBQ  Email: ve4mbq @ rac.ca
Club Mailing Address:39  Allan Blye Dr.,Winnipeg, MB  R2P 2S5
Meeting dates, times, locations;3rd Tues of the month, except for June which is 4th Tues. No meeting in July. 1900 (CT) at Sir William Stephenson Library, 765 Keewatin St.
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE4ARS 145.350 (-)

VE4ARC 145.230 (- )  T: 127.3 Hz  to access (Control operator can shut off CTCSS requirement)

Club Events:Scheduled Public Service Events include: Klondike Derby early March, Air Force Run in late May, Manitoba Marathon (in conjunction with Winnipeg Amateur Radio Club) in mid-June.
Club Notes:Our primary served agency is the City of Winnipeg Emergency Program. Winnipeg ARES members are able to access Emergency Management Courses through the City Emergency Program. Secondary served agencies include Manitoba EMO and Environment Canada’s Prairie & Arctic Storm Prediction Centre where ARES members are on call 12 hours a day for 17 weeks as volunteer operators for VE4WWO during the Summer Severe Weather Season.
Listing last updated:2012.06.27
Club Name:Winnipeg Digital Repeater Group Inc.
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE4WDR
Contact:Mark Blumm VE4MAB   Email to:
Club Mailing Address:31 Anneville Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2P 1H1
Meeting dates, times, locations:2 meetings per year, summer and winter
Classes Offered:System use presentations
Accredited Examiner(s):No
Repeaters:D-Star System – Gateway enabled
UHF 444.575 (+) Digital VoiceVHF 145.490 (-)  Digital Voice1.2 GHz Data 1248.3
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2013.01.04
Club Name:Winnipeg Senior Citizens Radio Club VE4WSC Inc.
City: WinnipegServing Areas: Winnipeg
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsigns:VE4WSC  VE4PAG  VE4DRM  CIW510 (CFARS)
Contact:204-666-8435 or Email:
Club Mailing Address:598 St. Mary’s Road, Winnipeg, MB  R2M 3L5
Meeting dates, times, locations:Breakfast at Canada Inn Garden City  2nd Thursday. Board meeting Sep to June 3rd Wednesday at 598 St. Mary’s Rd.
Classes Offered:When warranted
Accredited Examiner(s):VE4SN
Repeaters:VE4DRM 145.010 (-)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: The Morning Net is held at 9 a.m. local time each weekday morning on VE4WPG 147.390 ( +)
Listing last updated: 2017.09.13


Club Name:Sask Alta Radio Club*
City: LloydminsterServing Areas: NW Saskatchewan and NE Alberta centred on Lloydminster
RAC Region:Western and Mid-West

Dwayne Friedrick VE6FRD, 780-872-2139 or


Club Mailing Address:2405 -58a Ave Court, Lloydminster, AB  T9V 2Z7
Meeting dates, times, locations;Club meetings are held, 1900 local time, on the 1st Wednesday of February, April, June, September & November at the Lloydminster Lakeland College or online.  Info posted on website.
Classes Offered:Yes, Basic once a year.  Advance certification when enough interest. http://saskaltarc.ca/wp/Amateur%20Radio/#takingclasses
Accredited Examiner(s):VE6FP
Repeaters:Sask Alta Radio Club operates a multi repeater full time linked network including VE5RI (146.940-) Echolink node 470103 near Lloydminster, VE6YVG (147.315+) at Vermilion, VE6RWC (145.290-) at Edgerton, VE6INN (147.345+) at Innisfree and VE6HDY (145.170-) at Hardisty.  Full Time link also to VE6SB (146.670-) operated by Lakeland Radio Club of Elk Point.  All repeaters require tone 123.0 hz.  These are linked through a UHF hub at Borradaile VE6BDL (449.075-).
VE5YLL 4(44.725 +) connected to IRLP 1198 tone 100 hz to access.
 The VE5RI linked repeater network covers an area from Lavoy, AB to Payton, Sk along Hwy 16.  From Cold Lake, AB to Hardisty, AB along Hwy 41
Club Events:Field Day, CQ events, Affiliation with city and county EMO
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2021.12.06

*Due to the location of the Sask/Alta Radio Club, it provides services to Amateurs in Saskatchewan and Alberta.  As a result it is listed with the clubs in the Midwest and Western RAC Regions



Club Name:Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League Inc.
City: ReginaServing Areas: Saskatchewan
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Club Mailing Address:SARL  c/o 263-325 4th Ave. S.W. Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s):Saskatchewan has 14 Accredited Examiners.  Please check the following site for one nearest to your location:  https://www.rac.ca/en/amateur-radio/regulatory/examinations/examiners/index.php
Club Events:Annual AGM at whatever club hosts the Sask. Hamfest
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2014.09.28


Club Name:Lakeland ARA
City: Christopher LakeServing Areas: Christopher Lake
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Randy Canning  VE5QU  306.982.2448 or Email to:
Club Mailing Address:RR1, Site 8, Comp 20, Christopher Lake, SK, S0J 0N0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Every Saturday Morning at 9:00 a.m. at the Lake Country Cottage Restaurant in Christopher Lake, SK
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):VE5QU
Repeaters:VE5LAK, 146.610(- )  IRLP Node #1370VE5IOU 146.820 (-) (currently off the air)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2013.02.13
Club Name:Esk ARC
City: EskServing Areas: Esk, Lanigan, Jansen
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5ESK
Contact:David Klatt, VE5GN, 306 227 7494 or Email: 
Club Mailing Address:3436 Arnhem St., Saskatoon, SK  S7M 3P8
Meeting dates, times, locations:At the call of the Chair
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2016.03.10

Lloydminster (see the first entry in the Saskatchewan section)

Club Name:Melfort Repeater Group Inc.
City: MelfortServing Areas: Melfort and area
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Bayne Opseth   VE5BKO    306.752.2684 or   Email: 
Club Mailing Address:Box 760, Melfort, SK  S0E 1A0
Meeting dates, times, locations:As required.  Saturday morning “get together” – 1000 (CT) –  Check into the repeater for details.
Classes Offered:As required
Accredited Examiner(s):Bj. Madsen VE5FX, Art Hiebert VE5ARJ

VE5MFT 146.880 (-):

Links to: VE5NIP Nipawin and VE5FXR Tisdale repeaters.

Club Events:Supplies communications for Melfort Annual MS Walk and Melfort Multi-K Run
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2011.12.05
Club Name:Moose Jaw Pioneers ARC
City: Moose JawServing Areas: Moose Jaw
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: VE5SPC
Contact:Val Lemko VE5ACJ/VE5AQ  306.693.6127 or Email to: 
Club Mailing Address:1125 Iroquois Street West, Moose Jaw, SK  S6H 5C1
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd Tuesday of the month at 17:30 (CT). Location is Heritage Inn ” Seasons Restaurant”;  1590 Main St. N..
Classes Offered:Yes – please use the contact information above
Accredited Examiner(s):VE5ACJ/VE5AQ
Club Events:Terry Fox Run, Thunder Cree Model Train Show, WDM Learning Days, GOTA (Guides on the Air)
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2014.09.28
Club Name:Moose Jaw ARC
City: Moose JawServing Areas: Moose Jaw, Caron, Caronport
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5MA
Contact:Barry Mackenzie   VE5TRF    306.691.5254 or 306.684.5254 or Email:
   Skype address:  barry-mackenzie
Club Mailing Address:c/o W.D.M., 50 Diefenbaker Drive, Moose Jaw, SK  S6J 1L9
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Tuesday of the Month at 1900 (CT) –  High Street Legion Branch #59, upstairs – top floor
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s):Not currently

VE5CI 146.940 (-)  Moose Jaw  (open) –  NET each evening, operator permitting @0300Z

VE5YMJ 147.360 (+)  Eyebrow (open)

Club Events:Field Day, Transmitter hunts, Terry Fox run, MS Walk, Dusty MooseDryathalon, EMO and ARES functions; Spring Fleamarket, school visits and demonstrations, Jamboree-On-The-Air (cubs/scouts), Canada Day, Moose Jaw Sidewalk Days
Club Notes:HF Radio system VE3MA at the WDM
Listing last updated:
  • 2017.08.06
Club Name:Battlefords ARA Inc.
City: North BattlefordServing Areas: North Battleford
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5BRC
Club Mailing Address:c/o Box 477,    Battleford, SK  S0M 0E0
Meeting dates, times, locations: 
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE5BRC     – 146.880 (-)   wide coverage

VE5BRC\1 – 147.240 (+)   local coverage

Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:Website checked 2014.08.06 – has not been updated so club may be inactive
Club Name:Northern Saskatchewan ARC
City: Prince AlbertServing Areas: Prince Albert
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5EEE
Contact:Blaine Witherow   VE5ZC   306.763.8592 or
Club Mailing Address:c/o 532 – 26 Street West, Prince Albert, SK
Meeting dates, times, locations:1st Wednesday each month, except summer, in the homes of amateurs.
Classes Offered:According to interest
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE5PA 147.060 (-) (linked)

VE5RPA 147.150 (+) (linked) near Bellevue / Minatinas

VE5BBI 146.760 (-) (not linked) currently being tested within the city of P.A.
VE5EEE Club Station for Emergencies and Club Operations

Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2016.02.16
Club Name:Regina Amateur Radio Association Inc.
City: ReginaServing Areas: Regina and surrounding area
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5NN
Club Mailing Address:P.O. Box 153, Regina, SK  S4P 2Z6
Meeting dates, times, locations:See the club website for meeting information
Classes Offered:Yes – contact the club for details
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes

VE5YQR 147.120 (+)  T:100 Hz

VE3YQR 444.350 (+)

VE5REC 146.640 (-)

VE5UHF 444.250 (+)

Club Events:see club website for details
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2017.07.06
Club Name:Society of Communicators and Networkers, Int’l. (SCAN Int’l. – Regina Chapter)
City: ReginaServing Areas: Regina and surrounding area
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VA5EVM
Contact:Roland Duarte VA5RND – Landline: 306-565-1914;   Mobile: 306-501-2541
Club Mailing Address:70 McNaughton Ave, Regina, SK  S4R 4M3
Meeting dates, times, locations: 
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:145.370 MHz (-) Under construction
Club Events: 
Club Notes: SCAN Int’l has 6 Echolink conference servers e.g. *SCAN_WIN *, *SCAN_CAN*, *SCAN_NCA*, *SCAN_USA*, *VA7INC* and *DX1EVM* are interconnected
Listing last updated:2016.07.04
Club Name:Meewasin ARS Inc.
City: SaskatoonServing Areas: Saskatoon
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Devon Racicot   VE5DWR   –  or 306.955.2876
Club Mailing Address:Box 8992, Saskatoon, SK S7K 7E7
Meeting dates, times, locations: 
Classes Offered:Not Supplied
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VE5SKN 146.940 (-)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2018.08.04 – web site active
Club Name:Saskatoon ARC
City: SaskatoonServing Areas: Saskatoon
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5AA
Club Mailing Address:c/o  Western Development Museum – Saskatoon Branch, 2610 Lorne Avenue, Saskatoon, SK  S7J 0S7
Meeting dates, times, locations:Check the club web site for dates and times
Classes Offered:Yes – contact the club at the email address above
Accredited Examiner(s):VE5KRB

VE5SK 146.640 (-) – Saskatoon

VA5SV 145.330 (-) T: 100 Hz Tone 96 Saskatoon East

VA5LLR 145.390 (-) Lizard Lake

VE5XW 146.730 (-)  Rock Point

VE5RHF (APRS) 144.390

VE5HAN-4 (APRS) 144.390

VE5YR-4 (APRS) 144.390

VE5XW-1 (APRS) 144.390

Club Events:Coffee Break on Saturdays at 2 locations:
1) 0900 at Haywood’s Restaurant at eastview Shoppping Centre , 3016 Arlington Ave,2) 0930 at Jerry’s Artizan Burgers, 844 – 51st St. E.
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2017.07.14
Club Name:Swift Current Scouts ARC 
City: Swift CurrentServing Areas: Swift Current
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5CHS
Contact:Lloyd  Fehr (306) 774-4335     Ray Gowan VE5XRA (306)778-2686
Club Mailing Address:P.O. Box 133, Swift Current , SK, S9H3V5  Email to:
Meeting dates, times, locations:Mondays, 1900 CT, at 1st United Church
Classes Offered:Yes, in October.
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VE5SCC 146.880 (-)
Club Events:Jamboree on the air: Third full weekend in October. We have participated since 2002.
Club Notes:This club was formed to Care for the VE5CHS equipment when it had to be removed from the “Swift Current Comprehensive High School”. It was founding member VE5HN’s wish to donate the equipment to the Scout group where it could continue to benefit local youth.
Listing last updated:2013.03.12
Club Name:Wolseley Repeater Group
City: WolseleyServing Areas: Broadview to Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway, North to Melville, South to Francis and Kipling
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VE5WRG 146.670 (-)
Contact:Slater Tubman   VE5OA    306.698.2364 or:
Club Mailing Address:P.O. Box 261, Wolseley, SK  S0G 5H0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Last Saturday of the Month at 0930 (CT) – Location changes monthly
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s):Jerry Dixon VE5DC
Repeaters:VE5WRG 146.670 (-)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2012.06.26
Club Name:Parkland ARC Inc.
City: YorktonServing Areas: East Central Saskatchewan
RAC Region:Midwest
Club Callsign:VA5PAR
Contact:Randy Moylneaux   VE5RJM  306-562-8450 or Email to:
Club Mailing Address:P.O. Box 1439, Canora, SK  S0A 0L0
Meeting dates, times, locations:

Annual General Meeting Usually Held in June / July
Classes Offered: Contact us at:
Accredited Examiner(s):

VA5RSR 145.310 (-) (100.0) (Rocanville) IRLP 1807 EchoLink 425463 

VA5PAR 145.490 (-) (Yorkton) (UHF Linked)

VA5SRR 146.610 (-) (Norquay) (UHF Linked)

VE5HAW 147.000 (+) (Kamsack) (UHF Linked)

VA5INV 147.080 (+) Endeavour (UHF Linked)

VA5EMO 147.300 (+) (100.0) (Canora) IRLP 1710 EchoLink 48431 (UHF Linked)

VE5SEE 147.390 (+) (Preeceville) (UHF Linked)

Club Events:
Field Day
Club Notes:
Parkland Amateur Radio Club Inc. Chit Chat Net, every Sunday evening 2000 CT 0200 Zulu
Listing last updated:Updated 2018.03.12