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Nick Gagnon VE2NCG Operating

RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge blue logoFor immediate release:

The first six months of the RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge are now complete and the 2021 winners will be announced shortly.
One of the most enthusiastic participants in the RAC Challenge to date has been Nick Gagnon, VE2NCG, of Laval, Quebec.
Nick has made many thousands of contacts in well over 200 portable operations since the RAC Challenge began on July 1, 2021.
On December 27, 2021, Nick crossed a major milestone: the one million point barrier. Congratulations Nick!
The full 2021 results will be announced after January 10, 2022 once they have been tabulated and will also appear in the March/April 2022 issue of The Canadian Amateur (TCA) magazine.
The RAC Challenge 2022 edition began on January 1 and will run the full 12 months until December 31, 2022.
You can follow along on the RAC Challenge Leaderboard on the RAC website at:

Note to participants: We would appreciate it if you would share your RAC Challenge enthusiasm and experiences with us by using the Member Stories portal ( to upload text and photos. We will be happy to include them in The Canadian Amateur and on the RAC website.

For more information on the RAC Challenge visit: