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Club information is a service provided by: Radio Amateurs of Canada

Below is a list of known Ontario North/East Region Amateur Radio Clubs.  Use the CTRL-F function of your browser to search by name or location.

Submissions from all clubs are welcome. Help us keep this information accurate and up to date. Send any changes to: . Updates should come from a club official, e.g., President, Secretary, or other official. When submitting updates, please use the same format as the listing. The Club Notes section is used for any additional information that does not fall under the other headings. If your club is incorporated, please add the suffix “Inc.” or equivalent, to the club name.

The URL for each club’s website (if provided) is “active”. Click on the URL to link to the club’s home page.

Details of the policy for RAC Affiliated Clubs are posted on the following site:

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Note: In order for a club to be covered by the RAC insurance program it must be incorporated.

Abbreviations used:

ARC (Amateur Radio Club)

ARA (Amateur Radio Association)

ARS (Amateur Radio Society)

T: (Tone)

Amateur Radio Clubs


The list of clubs is sorted by city, then club name.

Club Name:Ontario Amateur Radio Service (ONTARS)
City: n/aServing Areas: Ontario and beyond
RAC Region/Section:n/a
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Barry VE3ISX 
Club Mailing Address: 
Meeting dates, times, locations:Daily 0700 – 1800 ET on  3.755 MHz
Classes Offered:n/a
Accredited Examiner(s): n/a
Repeaters: n/a
Club Events:ONTARS will advertise all club events.  Send the information to the contact  above.
Club Notes:The ONTARS net has been in daily operation for over 40 years.
Listing last updated: 2015.08.25


Club Name:Almonte Amateur Radio Club (AARC)
City: AlmonteServing Areas: Almonte, Lanark County
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: 
Club Mailing Address:c/o Robin Webb, VE3UIX, 160 Duncan Drive, Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Bi-monthly meetings at the Almonte Legion. Date will be posted on the club website.  Coffee morning on Wednesday’s at Baker Bob’s Mill Street, Almonte. Monthly breakfasts announced on web site and on Google group.
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes – VE3YXY
Club Events:

1) Weekly FM net on Wednesdays at  21.00 ET on VA3ARE 147.270 (+) T:100 Hz

2) D-STAR Net on 444.100 and 145.500 at 8.40pm on Tuesdays. Repeaters linked to reflector XRF018B.

3) Club volunteers supporting events in the greater Almonte area with communications expertise (e.g. Rideau Lakes Sled Dog Races, Ottawa Bicycle Club Cycle Tour, Motorsport Club of Ottawa Car Rally, etc.

4) annual corn boil

Club Notes:Member of the Mississippi Mills Municipal Emergency Measures Group.
APRS I -Gate VA3HSP. EOC at Almonte General Hospital VA3HSP.
Listing last updated: 2018.09.09
Club Name:Atikokan ARC
City: AtikokanServing Areas: Atikokan, Northern Quetico Park
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3RIB
Contact:Warren Paulson   VE3FYN    (807) 597.6989
Club Mailing Address:PO Box 2106, Atikokan, ON  P0T 1C0
Meeting dates, times, locations:First Monday of the month commencing at 1930 (local) at the AEDC Board Room (check club web site for changes).NWO ARES is hosting weekly Sunday evening nets on the 9031 reflector at 1930 local time. Feel free to call-in when they call for check-ins.
Classes Offered:Basic Qualification course is offered annually.  Check with the club.
Accredited Examiner(s):Warren Paulson VE3FYN
Repeaters:VE3RIB 147.120 (+) with autopatch (* to dial and # to disconnect); IRLP Node 2768 normally connected to Reflector 9002;  APRS digipeater and I-Gate on 144.390.  Linked to VE3UPP.
Club Events: See the club website for details
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2014.08.08
Club Name:Quinte ARC
City: BellevilleServing Areas: Belleville and Quinte area (Eastern Ontario)
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3RL, VE3BEL
Contact:Email to:
Club Mailing Address:546 Montrose Road, Belleville, ON  K8R 1B3
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Wednesday except July, August, and December, 1930 (Local), Pioneer Bldg, Loyalist College, 284 Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd, Belleville ON.  “Talk-in” is on VE3QAR 146.985 to confirm meeting room to be used.
Classes Offered:Yes, see web page for details
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE3QAR 146.985 (-)  T: 118.8 Hz (IRLP Node 2090)

VE3QAR 444.475(+5) T:118.8 Hz

Club Events:See club website for details
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2012.08.10
Club Name:Brockville ARC
City: BrockvilleServing Areas: Brockville and surrounding area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VA3BRC
Contact:Robert Millar VE3LNV, club secretary . Tel: 613.342.3641 or email to:
Club Mailing Address:7 Grant Street, Brockville ON, K6V 5K8
Meeting dates, times, locations:First Tuesday of the month at the Lyn Fire Station in Lyn at 1900 local except Jul & Aug
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VA3LGA 146.625 (-)  T: 100 Hz
Club Events: See the website for club nets, calendar and events.
Club Notes: Please use the website for all contact information.  This protects us all from email harvesters and SPAMers.
Listing last updated: 2017.08.23
Club Name:Burks Falls ARC
City: Burks FallsServing Areas: Almaquin Highlands and area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VA3BFR
Contact:Harvey Dennis   VA3HBD    705-224-6759   or Email to: 
Club Mailing Address:Box 552, Burks Falls, ON  P0A 1C0
Meeting dates, times, locations: 
Classes Offered:Call for dates
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes
Repeaters:VA3BFR  145.170 (-)
VE3MUS 145.270 (-)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: New members always welcome
Listing last updated:2013.03.14
Club Name:Tri-County ARC (ON)
City: CampbellfordServing Areas: Eastern Peterborough, Northern Northumberland & Central Hastings Counties
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VA3TRI
Contact:Peter Blakely   VA3PGB    613. 473.1171  or Email to:
Club Mailing Address:Box 28, Eldorado, Campbellford, ON  K0K 1Y0
Meeting dates, times, locations:4th Wednesday March through November
19:30 at Deloro Community Centre, Deloro
Classes Offered:Yes, please contact the club for more info
Accredited Examiner(s):Peter Blakely VA3PGB
Repeaters:VE3KFR 145.330 (-)
Club Events:The club is involved in several annual public service events. These include bicycle tours, Sled Dog Races and Christmas Parades. Often their events are supported by several local Amateur Radio Clubs.
Club Notes:1) The club holds weekly 2m VHF FM net on the VE3KFR repeater 145.330 MHz (-) each Thursday at 8:00 p.m.
2) In addition the Hastings County ARES net is held on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. on both the VE3KFR repeater and the VA3QAR Belleville repeater via IRLP.
Listing last updated:Club seems to be inactive
Club Name:Seaway Valley ARC
City: CornwallServing Areas: City of Cornwall and surrounding area
RAC Region/Section: Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3VSW
Contact:Email to:  or
Club Mailing Address:4672 O’Keefe Rd., St. Andrews West, Ont., K0C2A0
Meeting dates, times, locations: Last Wednesday of each month except July, August and December at 1900 ET.  Location is St. John Ambulance HQ, 1001 Sydney St., Unit #2, Cornwall, ON
Classes Offered:Basic Qualification course.  Contact the club
Accredited Examiner(s): VE3IMP
Repeaters:VE3SVC 147.180 (+)    T:110.9 Hz
VE3PGC  443.650 (+)   T:110.9 Hz / YAESU FUSION C4FM AMS ALLSTAR 2570, ECHOLINK 463095

VE3VSW 444.800 (+)   T:110.9 Hz

VA3EDG  442.100 (+)   DMR Color Code 1


VA3SDG 444.450 (+)    D-Star Band B

Club Events:Raisin River Canoe Race, CTC Bikeathon, Field Day.  Weekly Net: Mondays at 1900 ET on VE3SVC (moving to VE3PGC approx. 1920)
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2018.08.02
Club Name:Amateur Radio Society of Dryden Inc.
City: DrydenServing Areas:Dryden, Vermilion Bay, Wabigoon, Dinorwic, Sioux Lookout, Hwy 502
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3DRY, VA3DRY
Contact:Scott Moody   VA3EXT    Email to: 
Club Mailing Address:139 Arthur Street, Dryden, ON  P8N 1K4
Meeting dates, times, locations: 2nd Wednesday of month (except February, April, July, August & October) 19:30 (Local), at  Dryden Fire Hall, 189 Colonization Ave
Classes Offered:Not at this time
Accredited Examiner(s): VA3EXT

VE3DRY 147.255 (+) Linked-Pinetree Intertie

VA3EOD  145.425- Yaesu System Fusion DIGITAL, WIRES-X

VA3DIS. 147.375 (+) IRLP 2739

VE3VBY 145.310 (-) Linked-Pinetree Intertie

VE3YXL 146.850 (-) Linked-Pinetree Intertie

APRS digipeater and I-Gate on 144.390

Repeater info at:

Club Events: Coffee “get together” at A&W every Saturday at 1000
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2018.01.19
Club Name:Elliot Lake ARC
City: Elliott LakeServing Areas: Elliot Lake and the North Shore
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3TOP/VA3TOP
Club Mailing Address:136 Esten Drive South, Elliot Lake, ON  P5A 3L4 or email to:
Meeting dates, times, locations:
We have a 2 meter net on repeater VE3TOP (147.000 +) every Tuesday at 19:15 hours. Saturday morning breakfast at 9:00 AM. The clubs meets at 14:00 the second Thursday of the month at the Elliot Lake Civic Centre.  All are welcome to get together at   McDonalds Tuesday evening after the net at 20:00.
Classes Offered:As required; new members are welcome and we want to encourage and help anyone interested in becoming an Amateur Radio Operator, to get their licence. Contact or call 705-578-2905
Accredited Examiner(s):None at this time
Repeaters:VE3TOP  147.000 + CTCSS 123.0 Hz  FM and C4FM
Club Events:Club Picnic (potluck)  in August: check our website for date and time.  All welcome!  Come, even if you have no potluck.  Field Day too, atop the Mountain at the Fire Tower Lookout, and ARES communication tests.
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2018.10.15
Club Name:Iroquois ARC
City: IroquoisServing Areas: South & North Dundas Townships
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3IRO
Contact: President:  Michael Pinfold VA3TUF, (613) 258 5990, or Email:;  Secretary: Don Brownlee VA3NC,  (613) 535 1507 or Email to:
Club Mailing Address:P O Box 388, Iroquois, ON  K0E 1X0
Meeting dates, times, locations: 1st Wed. of the month (Sep – Jun),  1930 ET, at the Iroquois Royal Canadian Legion
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VE3IRO   145.290 (-)  T: 100.0 Hz
 VE3NDC 146.970 (-)  T: 100.0 Hz
  VA3ESD  443.150 (+) T:110.9 Hz   IRLP node 2141
Club Events: Annual flea market: 1st Saturday in April;   North & South Dundas Emergency Management; Various Public Service comms support as requested
Club Notes: Raccoon Net: Tuesdays,1900 ET, on VE3IRO:  All welcome.
Listing last updated: 2012.09.04
Club Name:Kingston ARC Inc.
City: KingstonServing Areas: Kingston and areas not covered by adjacent Quinte, Prince Edward County and Brockville clubs
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3KAR; VE3KBR; VE3KER; VE3UEL
Contact:Brian Hopkins, VA3BAH  Phone: 613-532-6300
Club Mailing Address:168 McMichael Street, Kingston, ON K7M 1N6
Meeting dates, times, locations:1st Tuesday of the month except July & August, 1900 (Local), 1730 (local) for dinner prior to the meeting at Smitty’s Restaurant, 2376 Princess Street, Kingston
Classes Offered:Yes, as resources permit.
Check club website for details.
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes

VE3KBR 146.940 (-)   T: 151.4 Hz

VE3KER 147.090 (+)  T: 151.4 Hz

Club Events:– Weekly net, Tuesday, 1930 (local) on VE3KBR repeater, except the 1st Tuesday of the Month between September and June when we have an in person meeting.
– annual hamfest each November
– Publishes monthly newsletter (except July and August) on web site
– Maintains APRS, IRLP and EchoLink nodes;
– Occasional electronics workshops;
– Occasional fox hunts
– Periodically runs a course for Amateur Qualification
Club Notes: 37 members currently as of 31 March 2020.
Listing last updated: 2020.04.09
Club Name:Victoria Haliburton VHARA
City: LindsayServing Areas: Lindsay
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3LNZ

Club President: Dave Sangwin, VA3NSC


Club Treasurer: Tom Molica, VE3KZJ


Club Mailing Address:Treasurer Address: 849 Cedar Glen Rd. Dunsford, ON, K0M 1L0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Club weekly net every Thursday evening at 8pm on 147.195, all are welcome.
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE3LNZ 147.195 (+)

VE3MIN 145.210 (-)

VE3LNZ Fusion 146.925 (156.7)

Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2014.06.18
Club Name:Manitoulin ARC
City: Little CurrentServing Areas: Manitoulin Island & North Shore Area, North Channel & Georgian Bay
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3RMI
Contact:Allan Boyd   VE3AJB    705. 368.2779 or email to:
Club Mailing Address:27 Mill Road, P.O. Box 208, Little Current, ON  P0P 1K0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Every Saturday morning, 1000  (Local), at  Season’s Restaurant in M’Chigeeng (formerly West Bay)
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s):Allan Boyd VE3AJB

VE3RMI 147.270 (+)

VE3LTR 146.670 (-)

VE3RQQ 444.300 (+)  IRLP Node 2860

VE3RXR  145.310 (-)   D-Star Digital Repeater

Club Events:Summer BBQ in July – Contact the club for details
Club Notes:MARC provides wide coverage area repeaters, nets conducted twice weekly
Listing last updated:2014.08.08
Club Name:Minden ARC
City: MindenServing Areas: Minden
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Contact    Dorian Young  VE3YNG    705.489.3200  or email to: 
Club Mailing Address:Box 1014
Minden, ON  K0M 2K0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Every Friday, 10:00 (Local), at Canadian Legion in Minden
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:147.240 (+)  and  145.210 (+)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2012.08.04
Club Name:The Eastern Ontario Amateur Radio Club (T.E.O.R.C.)
City: Moose CreekServing Areas: S,D, & G
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3SAU, VA3SAU
Contact:  Mel Massia VE3OJN, (613) 323 6211  or                                                       E-mail to: 
Club Mailing Address:16394 County Road #15, Moose Creek, ON K0C 1W0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Irregular meetings but usually on a Wednesday evening @1900 ET at the local pub in Moose Creek.
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): No

VE3OJE  145.370 (-)

VE3TYF 443.050 (+) T:151.4 Hz

Club Events: Field Day
Club Notes: Re-activated the club after about a 15 year or more Hiatus. A small group with no stress of club policies. Club interests are building antennas, contesting, Field Day and just getting together to talk radio.
Listing last updated: 2017.10.27
Club Name:Muskoka ARC
City: Muskoka:  Bracebridge/Gravenhurst/HuntsvilleServing Areas: Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, Huntsville and the Muskoka area.
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3MZY
Contact:Robert Harley VE3FMF  705-788-3928
Club Mailing Address:725 White House Rd, Huntsville, ON  P1H 2J3
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd Sunday except July & August, 1400 (Local), at  Your Independent Grocer meeting room, alternating between Huntsville and Bracebridge
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s):Earle Robinson VE3ERR   705-646-2443 Email:
Repeaters:VE3MUS 146.775 (-)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2010.12.13
Club Name:Manotick Amateur Radio Group
City: NepeanServing Areas: Ottawa
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Contact:Don Greene  (President) VE3IGN  or email to : ve3ign (at)
Club Mailing Address:139 Curtis Pvt, Gloucester, Ont. K1V 7L7
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd last Tuesday of every month, except Aug & Dec, 1930 h (ET), at Manotick Public Library
Classes Offered:Not at this time
Accredited Examiner(s):TBD
Repeaters:VE3RIX 145.450 (-) T: 151.4 Hz optional (IRLP/Echolink) IRLP NODE – 2596  Echolink Node – 148649
Club Events: Yearly participation in Field Day
Club Notes: See club website
Listing last updated:2015.06.22
Club Name:North Bay ARC (NBARC) Inc
City: North BayServing Areas: North Bay and Area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3NBC
Contact:Paul Caccamo, VA3PC
(705) 752-1683
Club Mailing Address:59 – 600 Chippewa St. W. North Bay, ON P1B 9E7
Meeting dates, times, locations:

2nd Wednesday except Jul, Aug, & Dec, 1930 ET.    Location is the OPP RHQ Community Boardroom – 911A Gormanville Rd. in North Bay. The doors will open about 1915 ET.

COFFEE – Northgate Square on Saturdays, 1000 local, at the food court in front of A&W.

Classes Offered:Yes – depending on interest
Accredited Examiner(s):Paul Caccamo VA3PC
Guy Leblond VE3PUP

VE3ERX 147.030 (+) (IRLP/Echolink) (Powassan):IRLP NODE – 2649; ECHOLINK NODE – 239683

VE3NFM 147.300 (+) (North Bay)

VE3NFM-15 144.390 APRS

Club Events:
We assist community groups with safety communications during events (walkathon triathlons, mountain bike races and canoe races etc.). Field Day. December – Christmas Party.
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2017.04.12


Club Name:Ontario DX Association (ODXA)
City: Newmarket (HQ)Serving Areas: Canada
RAC Region/Section: 
Club Callsign:VE3ODX and VA3ODX
Club Mailing Address:Ontario DX Association,  3211 Centennial Dr., Apt. 23, Vernon, B.C.,V1T 2T8
Meeting dates, times, locations:Check the club’s website
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters and Beacons:VA3ODX 442.225 MHz    T:131.8Hz  (Located in Hamilton)VA3ODX 224.480 MHz    T:131.8 Hz (Located in Hamilton)
Club Events: 
Club Notes:Monthly columns devoted to shortwave radio broadcasting are posted to the club’s website and are freely available for download as .pdf files
Listing last updated:2015.08.25
Club Name:Ottawa ARC
City: OttawaServing Areas: Ottawa, Nepean, Gloucester
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3RC
Contact:Glenn MacDonell    613-523-4333 or email to: ve3xra AT
Club Mailing Address:P O Box 8873
Ottawa, ON  K1G 3J2
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd Wednesday of each month (except Jul & Aug)
1930 (Local Time)
Ottawa City Hall, 111 Lisgar Avenue
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):Mike Kelly, VE3FFK

VE2CRA 146.940 (-)    T: 100 Hz  (IRLP 2040)

VE2CRA 443.300 (+)   T: 100 Hz

Club Events:OARC Fleamarket and RAC Forum – check web site for details
Club Notes:OARC sponsors the Joe Norton Award for new hams each year.  For more information visit the club web site
Listing last updated:2011.06.29
Club Name:Ottawa Valley Mobile Radio Club Inc. (OVMRC)
City: OttawaServing Areas: Ottawa
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3RAM, VE3JW
Contact:Michel Barbeau VE3EMB – Email to : 
Club Mailing Address:P O Box 41145, 19 St Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, ON  K1G 5K9
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Thursday except July & August, 19:30 ET at National Museum of Science & Technology
Classes Offered:Visit or contact Ernie Jury VE3EJJ at 613 728 3666
Accredited Examiner(s): Ernie Jury VE3EJJ
Repeaters:VE3TWO 147.300 (+)
Club Events: See:
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2013.09.24
Club Name:QCWA Chapter 70 – National Capital 
City: OttawaServing Areas: Ottawa
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3QCW
Contact:Dave Parks   VE3AV/VE2LGQ
Club Mailing Address:1209 – 1505 Baseline Road
Ottawa, ON  K2C 3L4
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Tuesday in Sept, Nov, Feb, May at 1815 (Local Time) at Robbie’s Restaurant, Walkley Road, Ottawa, for dinner, social, and speaker.
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):No
Repeaters:Meet on VE3TEL 147.030 (-) on Mondays at 1930 local time
Club Events: Meet on Thursday mornings from 0830 to 1000 for breakfast and social at Summerhays Restaurant, Baseline Road, Ottawa.
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2008.05.28 – info from VE3AV
Club Name:VE3ORF/3730 Group
City: OttawaServing Areas: Ottawa
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3ORF
Contact: Mike Myers (President)  VA3MPM    Email:  
Cory MacSween (Vice President ) VA3YCM   Email: 
Club Mailing Address:2858 Prince of Wales Drive Nepean, ON  K2C 3H1
Meeting dates, times, locations:Monthly at 1119 Meadowlands Drive East, Ottawa, ON.  Meet for supper at 1700 and meeting commences and 1900.
Classes Offered:Yes; upon demand
Accredited Examiner(s): VA3MPM

 VE3ORF    146.850 (-) C4FM
VE3ORF   444.550 (+) C4FM
VE3ORF   44.975  (+)  C4FM

 VE3TST     444.125 (+)  DMR
VE3TST    146.700  (-) C4FM
VE3TST     224.720 (-) FM

All System Linked Via  Wires X #40505

Club Events:Field Day, 3730 Net daily on 3.730 MHz at 2000 ET , weekly project  get-togethers, courses, 10 meter projects.  Weekly Digital Net 0n  Tuesday 2000 ET on Wires X #40505 ,  Brandmeister TG3026, FCS 001 /17 Shark Server openspot
Club Notes: Promoting the use of Amateur Radio.    Very active group.   C4FM/DMR/Brandmeister/ Sharkrf/  Linking  Technology Commitment
Listing last updated: 2018.04.04
Club Name:Parry Sound ARC (Playland Amateur Radio Repeater Association Inc.)
City: Parry SoundServing Areas: West Parry Sound District
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3PSH
Contact:Allan Doubrough  VE3 GBY  705-342-9400 or email to: 
Club Mailing Address:11 Hares Rd. Nobel, ON P0G 1G0
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd Sunday of the month (Rescheduled on Statutory Holidays), at
1330 (Local),  at Gardens of Parry Sound Retirement Centre in the Art Room,  12 College Drive, behind Canadore College.
Classes Offered:Not at this time
Accredited Examiner(s): 
Repeaters:VE3RPL 145.490 (-)    (IRLP 2480 – Set PL to 118.8 Hz for IRLP)
Club Events: 
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2019.04.26.
Club Name:Renfrew County ARC
City: PembrokeServing Areas: Renfrew county (Deep River to Renfrew, Beachburg to Eganville)
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VA3NRR
Contact:Robert MacFarlane VA3AGN  Email to:
Club Mailing Address:RCARC, c/o Yvonne Adam, 146 Ezylyfe Ln., RR1, Deep River, ON, K0J 1P0
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Monday of Jan, Mar, May, Sep and Nov, 1930 ET,  at the Petawawa Civic Centre Rotary Room, 16 Civic Centre Rd. Petawawa, ON
Classes Offered:none at present
Accredited Examiner(s):Les Thom VE3PL and Don Greene VE3IGN

VE3NRR 146.760  (-)  Pembroke

VE3UCR 145.430 (-)  Foymount

VE3ZBC 147.120 (+)  Bisset Creek

Club Events:Miramichi Lodge Paddle Quest fund raiser;  Field Day
Club Notes:Club net – Mondays 1915 ET on VE3NRR repeater
Listing last updated:2014.01.21
Club Name:Lanark – North Leeds ARES
City: PerthServing Areas: Lanark and North Leeds
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3LCA
Contact:VA3KAI, Al Niittymaa – Email:
Club Mailing Address:

390 Loonie Lane, Perth, ON  K7H3C5


Meeting dates, times, locations;Saturdays, 08:00 at Perth Restaurant in Perth (Gore Street)
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s):Yes (2)

VE3KJG 146.640 (-) (Lavant)

VE3RNU 145.370 (-) (Tweed)

VA3TEL 145.230 (-) (Christie Lake)

VE3HTN 146.865 (-) (Toledo)

VE3LCA 146.955 (-) (Perth local)

VE3REX 442.400 (+) (Rideau Ferry) FM analog and C4FM

VE3WPO 442.400 (+) (Westport)

Note: Voice repeaters at Lavant, Christie Lake, Toledo and Westport are linked. Repeaters may require 100Hz Tone for input. VE3REX at Rideau Ferry requires 100 Hz Tone Squelch for FM analog use.

Club Events:Weekly Net at Wednesday, 8:00 pm, local time on linked repeaters.
 Weekly Breakfast at 8:00 am; Perth Restaurant, 23 Gore St, Perth
Club Notes:Area members monitor 146.64 and/or 442.200 repeaters.
Listing last updated: 2020.01.20
Club Name:Peterborough ARC Inc.
City: PeterboroughServing Areas: Peterborough & Kawarthas
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3RB
Contact:Barry Monaghan   VE3BLM    705. 742.4528 or  Email to:   Also on Facebook at:
Club Mailing Address:c/o Barry Monaghan VE3BLM, 1201 Grandview Avenue,
Peterborough, ON  K9J 5P7
Meeting dates, times, locations: 1st Tuesday of each month (except July & August), 1930 (Local), in Room 123 – Adam Scott Collegiate.Club Breakfast every Saturday at 0830 ET.  Location is Nichols Oval Restaurant.
Classes Offered:Yes.  See club website for details
Accredited Examiner(s): William G Carew VE3MEW; Richard Page VE3IQZ

VE3PBO 146.625 (-)

VA3PBO 444.575 (+)  T: 162.2 Hz

VE3TJR 146.970 (-)

Club Events:
  •  Field Day  and public display of Amateur Radio Newhall Park Peterborough
  • Many other contests entered as a club from  temporary (field day like) locations
  • Head of the Trent Regatta communications
  •  Various other local event communications.
  • Christmas Dinner   (see website for details).
  • Fox hunt on alternating Sundays @ 14:00 ET  starting at ArmourHill.
  • Local nets  on VE3PBO 146.625: Professional loafers net  weekdays at 08:30 ET;  Club Net Sundays at 19:30 ET; ARES test Wednesday 19:00
Club Notes:The Kawartha Amateur Radio Group has been absorbed by the Peterborough Amateur Radio Club
Listing last updated:2015.01.22
Club Name:Prince Edward Radio Club Inc.
City: Municipality of Prince Edward CountyServing Areas: Prince Edward County (Picton, Bloomfield, etc.)
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VA3PEC
Contact:Art Sinclair/VE3SQG  Email to:
Club Mailing Address:c/o Matthew Dwight,  866 Wesley Acres Drive, Box 443, Bloomfield, ON KOK 1G0
Meeting dates, times, locations:3rd Thursday, 1930 ET, at the Wellington Library.
Classes Offered:Yes – Coordinated with Quinte ARC.
Accredited Examiner(s): Doug Monk VE3ZDG  at 613 476 5593

VE3TJU 146.730 (-) T: 118.8 Hz

VA3PEC APRS-DiGi  144.390

Club Events: Field Day, Project, Auction
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2015.06.16
Club Name:        Algoma ARC Inc.
City: Sault St. MarieServing Areas: Sault Ste. Marie
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3SOO
Contact:Dave Pitcher (President)  – Email to: 
Club Mailing Address:c/o Brent MacMillan, 30 Chapple St., Sault St. Marie, ON  P6B 3N9
Meeting dates, times, locations:1st Thursday of the month, 1900 (Local), except July & August, at
99 Foster Dr, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 1X6.  Weekly Coffee Social- informal- every Sunday 1300 – 1500 (Local) at McDonalds North, 446 Gtreat Northern Road 
Classes Offered:Yes.  The AARC offers training leading to both the Basic and Advanced  Qualification. This runs 7 weeks at two nights per week per course. The video of our classes is available at  Anyone  interested in acquiring Amateur Radio qualifications should contact Bruce J. Lenton – Email to: 
Accredited Examiner(s): Brent MacMillan VE3OTL, Bruce Lenton VA3ZB and Alan Mclean VE3RET


VE3SSM 146.940 (-) T: 107.2 Hz

VE3SJI 146.880 (-)

VE3SSM 442.650 (+)VE3SSM 145.090


VA3NSR  145.210 (- ) (DSTAR)

Club Events:Field Day; Local Emergency Measures Information  Day in May of each year; Various CW and SSB contests. The Club operates out of the EMO building where we have permanent equipment set up and two antennas.
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2017.04.14
Club Name:Rideau Lakes ARC Inc.
City: Smiths FallsServing Areas: Smiths Falls & the Rideau Lakes
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: VE3SFR
Contact: President:  Ray Burrell VE3BVV – Email to: 
Club Mailing Address:c/o Richard Labelle, 2 Tower Rd. Lombardy, ON, K0G 1L0
Meeting dates, times, locations;3rd Thursday each month  (Except July & August), 19:30 ET, in the  Kilmarnock Room at the Smiths Falls Community Health Centre
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s):None
Repeaters:VE3RLR 147.210 (+)
Club Events: Our 31st Annual Flea Market, May 09, 2015
Club Notes: Flea Market, second Saturday in May,  32nd annual flea market May 14, 2016
Listing last updated:2017.01.24
Club Name:West Carleton ARC Inc (WCARC)
City: StittsvilleServing Areas:  primarily Ottawa Western Area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3WCC
Contact: Clayton Smith – VE3IRR  613-558-7794  Email to:
Club Mailing Address:70 Larose Lane, Embrun, ON  K0A 1W0
Meeting dates, times, locations:Third Monday of each month, 19:00 (local), at Sobey’s,  840 March Rd. Check the club web site for details
Classes Offered:No
Accredited Examiner(s): No
Club Events:
Ottawa Valley Upper Frequencies SSB Net – Tuesdays at 21:00 (local) on 144.250 USB;  ARRL June VHF Contest – Multi-op station at Corkery Community Centre (FN15xg)
Club Notes:Club operates VHF/UHF propagation beacons on 50.009, 144.297, 222.063, 432.358, 903.360, 1296.060
Listing last updated:2018.08.04
Club Name:Prescott-Russell ARC Inc.
City: RocklandServing Areas:  Prescott-Russell County
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3PRD
Contact: Gilles Beaulieu, VE3NPI
Club Mailing Address:P.O. Box 22, Curran, ON  K0B 1C0
Meeting dates, times, locations:See club web site for details
Classes Offered:Depends on number of students
Accredited Examiner(s):

 Alain Crete VE3TLO – Email:

Gilles Beaulieu VE3NPI – Email:


VE3PRV  147.3300 (+) T:110.9 Hz

VA3PRA  145.4700 (-) T: 110.9 Hz

Club Events:
Field day; Swap Meet on the last Saturday in September.  See club web site for details.
Club Notes:New members always welcome
Listing last updated:2019.08.05
Club Name:Sudbury ARC Inc.
City: City of Greater SudburyServing Areas: Greater Sudbury and surrounding area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign: 
Contact:Luc Boulard   VE3MND    705-550-0235 Email to:
Club Mailing Address:P O Box 2022, Sudbury, ON  P3A 4R8
Meeting dates, times, locations:Last Tuesday of the month, 1930 (Local), at   Best Western (corner of Larch and Minto)
Classes Offered:Yes
Accredited Examiner(s): Luc Boulard

VHF/UHF Repeaters maintained by SARC:

VE3 SRG  147.060(-)  T:100 Hz  (Asterisk node 27165 is Not Operational)

VA3SRG C  147.090(+)  – DSTAR; 

VE3YGR  444.200(+) T:100 Hz, IRLP node 2314 (IRLP Node -Temporarily Down)

VE3YGR 146.925 (-) T:156.7 Hz  –  System Fusion

VE3 SRG 147.555 (-)  T:100 Hz  (transmit and receive) AllStar Simplex Node, FM not D-star – Not operational

Other Repeaters in the Sudbury Area

VE3BLZ  Alban, ON  146.700 (-) T:100 Hz  Linked to the GTA repeater system

VE3RKN  Sudbury, ON   147.390 (+)

VE3RVE  Sudbury, ON    147.210 (+) T: 100 Hz

VE3RMI  Little Current, ON   147.270 (+) – System Fusion

Club Events:

 2m Net on VE3SRG on  Sundays and Wednesdays at 1930 hrs local time

Trans-Canada Net on VE3YGR – Suspended while IRLP node down – Wednesdays at 1100 hrs local time

Club Notes:Arrange social gatherings as required – see web page for more info
Listing last updated: 2016.10.28
Club Name:Lakehead ARC
City: Thunder BayServing Areas: Thunder Bay and area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3FW
Club Mailing Address:1100-C Memorial Ave., Suite 184, Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 4A3
Meeting dates, times, locations;2nd Thursday of every month (except summer months) in Room 191 McIntyre Building at Confederation College for 1930 local time.  Saturday breakfast gatherings are at the Blue Parrot Restaurant for 0930 local time. Daily gatherings are usually around 1400 local time at what ever place is decided upon on VE3YQT.
Classes Offered:Yes, please contact the club for dates
Accredited Examiner(s):Fred Lesnick, VE3FAL
Repeaters:See listing at:
Club Events:Tuesday night  VHF NET on VE3YQT at 1900 (local)
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2015.08.28
Club Name:Northwestern Ontario Senior Citizen ARC
City: Thunder BayServing Areas: Thunder Bay and area

RAC Region/Section:


Ontario North/East

Club Callsign:VE3SAO
Contact:Bob Hansen VE3RVA  807-767-6924  Email to:
Club Mailing Address:55 Plus Centre, 700 River St., Thunder Bay, ON  P7A 3S6
Meeting dates, times, locations:2nd Sunday of the month except July, August & December, 1400 (Local)
700 River St., Thunder Bay
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s):Lori Bedford VE3VAI
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated:2018.08,02
Club Name:Timmins ARC Inc
City:TimminsServing Areas: Timmins and Porcupine Area
RAC Region/Section:Ontario North/East
Club Callsign:VE3AA
Contact:John Vaillancourt VA3DPZ – Email to:
Club Mailing Address:P O Box 735, Schumacher, ON  P0N 1G0
Meeting dates, times, locations;Net–Wednesday @ 8pm local time on 147.06+ MHz.
Online Meeting once a month on Wed @ 8pm. Contact Ralph Jenkins VE3RJE for the location.
Classes Offered: 
Accredited Examiner(s): 

VE3AA 147.060 (+)

VE3TIR  D-STAR repeater 147.210 (+)

APRS 144.390

Club Events: Field Day, Canada Day, POTA, JOTA, Fox Hunting
Club Notes: 
Listing last updated: 2023.08.15