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The following information is courtesy of the Ontario QSO Party.

The Ontario QSO Party is scheduled for the third weekend of April and you are cordially invited to take part.

Date: 1800Z April 15 to 0500Z April 16, and 1200Z to 1800Z April 16

Ontario stations are encouraged to contact as many Amateur Radio stations as possible both in Ontario and worldwide.

Stations outside Ontario make as many contacts with Ontario Amateur Radio stations as possible.

A new class of participation, the “Youth Category” is being included this year to encourage youth to be exposed to the magic of Amateur Radio. All that is required is that a youngster (age 18 and under, qualified or not) operate alongside a Radio Amateur. There is no minimum time required.

Full details for the contest can be found by following the links for Ontario QSO Party at Contest Club Ontario.

Please join in the fun and say hello to fellow Amateurs near and far!