Radio Amateurs of Canada bandplanning committees coordinate the development of National Band Plans to provide guidance for the usage of the Canadian Amateur bands. These committees are made up of representatives from all regions of Canada.

The committees prepare interim band plans after consulting with Amateurs across the country. These plans not only take into account the wishes of Canadian Amateurs, but are also coordinated with band usage in other countries through membership in the International Amateur Radio Union.

Final versions of the band plans are published in The Canadian Amateur for last minute input and are then submitted to the RAC Board of Directors for approval.

Each band plan has its own webpage as provided in the list below.

RAC 0 – 30 MHz Band Plan 
Effective Date: June 1, 2023

5332 kHz plus Others: 60m Amateur Radio Band Channels
Date: July 28, 2022

50 MHz (6m)
Date: October 1997

144 MHz (2m) 
Date: September 23, 1995

220 MHz (135 cm) 
Date: October 1997

432 MHz (70 cm)
Date: September 23, 1995

902 MHz (33 cm)
Date: October 1997

1240 MHz (23 CM) Page
Date: October 1997

2300 MHz (13 cm)
Date: October 1997

Microwave Bands Page

Band Plan 0 to 30 MHz without notes