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On September 1, 2023, Radio Amateurs of Canada announced changes to the RAC Operating Awards.
Please visit our main Operating Awards webpage for more information: 


Note: the following information will be updated soon to reflect the new changes. Please stay tuned.

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to make the following awards available to all Radio Amateurs worldwide:

  • Canadaward
  • 5 Band Canadaward
  • Trans-Canada Award
  • Worked All RAC Award


As of July 1, 2021, QSLs from Logbook of the World (LoTW) are being accepted for all RAC Operating Awards. As described below, the application process will be slightly different for each award, but all will rely on the fact that all LoTW members have access to their own logs on LoTW. Members may search for any QSO and print or do a screen capture of the results.

Worked All RAC Award (WARAC)

Worked All RAC Application Form

The Worked All RAC Operating Award (WARAC) will be the easiest RAC Operating Award to process since all QSOs by RAC stations (VE1RAC, VY2RAC, etc.) are recorded on LoTW by the volunteers at RAC HQ in Ottawa.

To validate a WARAC application, please download and complete the application form which is available in PDF format at or upon request to RAC HQ with SASE.

Then log on to the LoTW Website and click on “Your QSOs”.

Fill in the Query Form as shown in Figure 1 below and click the “Submit” button on the top right. 

Figure 1: Query Form showing “Most recent QSO records received”
Figure 1: Query Form

An image will then appear (see Figure 2 below) which shows a list of all stations worked with the suffix “RAC” along with band and mode data.

Figure 2: Image showing the List of RAC Stations Worked:
Figure 2: List of Stations

Make a screen capture of the resulting image and print it – there may be more than one page. All pages become your QSL confirmation and you must include them with your application.

Note: VA7RAC, VE0RAC, VE2RAC and VE3RAC are held by individual Amateurs. These call signs are not RAC Official Call Signs and therefore they do not qualify for this award!

Hybrid applications should not be necessary, but will still be accepted as long as two other Amateurs not related to the applicant sign off on the paper QSLs.

To make it really easy, you may scan the application form and the query results to a pdf file and email it all to .

When your application is approved, RAC HQ will send you a PayPal Invoice for the fee. When that is paid, I will then email your Certificate.

Canadaward, 5 Band Canadaward and the Trans-Canada Award

For these awards we need to know the province or territory of each station worked. Unfortunately, this information does not automatically show up in the query results, but it does show up under “Details” in the Query results. 

To verify the province or territory for any QSO, click on “Details” in the left column (see Figure 2) and a display like that shown in Figure 3 below will appear. In this example it is for a QSO that “VE1JS” had with VE1JF on 40m SSB.

This “Details” panel is your QSL!

The red arrow in Figure 3 shows that “Nova Scotia” is listed under “Worked Station”, which is correct! This needs to be done for each and every QSL you are claiming.

Note: Beware, not all Canadian Amateurs have included their province on the details pane!  The QSL can’t count for either or these awards if it is missing.

Figure 3: Example showing the “Province or Territory” in the Details:
Details-Province-RAC Operating Awards
Figure 3: Example showing the “Province” in the Details

Download the appropriate application form (see links above) which is available in PDF format and by request from RAC Headquarters if you send a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).

Please complete the form and have two Amateurs who are not related to you check and sign off on the QSLs.

Use as many pages as necessary for the Trans-Canada Award, sorting your entries by band.

You can then scan everything and email it to .

Submitting Completed Applications:

As mentioned above you can send the completed applications and all documents by email to

Alternatively, you can send the completed package by mail to:

Ante Laurijssen, VA2BBW
1083 Faubert
Gatineau, QC J8P 1A2

Note: Please do not send any money with your application. Once it has been approved, RAC HQ will send you a PayPal invoice and once it has been paid I will send the certificate to you by email.