The following information has been provided by the Peel Amateur Radio Club

The Peel Amateur Radio Club extends an invitation to participate in a southern Ontario regional NVIS communications event on October 16 from 1-4 pm EDT.

The goal of the event is to make contacts and talk to other operators using NVIS techniques. No restrictions on operation, just get on the air and operate with your best NVIS antenna.

Bands of interest are 40, 6, and 80 metres, depending on conditions. Suggested frequencies for SSB are 3.700-750, 5.375, and 7.060-070. CW, 3.550, 5.3465 and 7.030.

We suggest this identifier when calling to make it easier to identify the participants: CQ NVIS Ontario “call sign”.

Amateur operators across the province in many different clubs have expressed interest and we hope you will join us on the air.

For more information visit the Peel ARC website.