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Guidelines and Procedures for the RAC Challenge Award

Note: the following information is tentative as the new Awards program is still being organized so please stay tuned to this webpage for future updates.

Objective: To promote portable operations from locations across Canada.

Who: RAC members operating from any portable location in Canada.

What: Any temporary location, using equipment brought to the site, with antennas deployed for the purpose and duration of the operation. This includes Mobile stations.  This challenge is intended to complement and support any of the award programs mentioned in these rules and any contest activities where portable operations are a feature.

Where: Anywhere in Canada. It could be from a mountain top, a kayak in a lake or any location away from your usual home address. DXpeditons, family camping trips, operating from a cottage or hotel, or  dedicated, radio-oriented deployments or a rest stop on a long highway trip – they all count.

When: January 1 through 31 December each year, with monthly and annual leaderboards.

Certificates will be awarded to the five top-scoring activators each month and the 10 top activators each year.

How: After each operation has been completed participants will be able to submit a summary of their portable operations by using a form on the RAC website. Only RAC members will be able to submit scores, but anyone can view the leaderboards. The RAC Challenge will operate on the honour system, but the adjudicator may request logs or other evidence of your operation to validate awards.


All Amateur bands may be used for the RAC Challenge. Each different Amateur satellite you use counts as a separate band.


Four modes:

  • CW
  • Analog voice (SSB, FM, AM, etc.)
  • Digital data (RTTY, FT8, PSK31, etc.)
  • Digital voice (DMR, D-Star, Fusion, etc.)


To encourage portable operators to go to multiple locations, over the course of a month, participants can accumulate one “multiplier” point for each new:

  • Parks on the Air (POTA) entity
  • Islands On The Air (IOTA) group
  • Summit in the Summits On the Air (SOTA) program
  • Lighthouse in Canada – see the World List of Lights provided by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (ARLHS)
  • Maidenhead Grid locator (4-digit grids only)
  • Province and Territory
  • St Paul Island and Sable Island

Multi-op stations:

  • The contact total for any multi-operator activation must be divided equally among all the operators including those providing support to the operation. Each score share will be attributed to each operator equally and individually. This means your participation in your club’s ARRL Field Day operation could count for your personal score in the RAC Challenge.