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The RAC Incoming Bureau sorts and distributes QSL cards to all Canadians (members and non-members) via the call area bureaus. However, some Canadian Amateurs, like others around the world, have indicated that they will not accept cards through the QSL Bureau. Most indicate this on various websites like and others, yet thousands of cards are still sent and received each year incurring unnecessary costs for the bureaus and the amateur. Bureaus in some countries do not accept cards for non-members of their national society and dispose of undeliverable cards. They are not returned to sender for economical and environmental reasons. 

The following is a list of Canadian Amateurs who have informed their respective call area bureau that they will not accept bureau cards:

As a result, cards for these Amateurs are removed at the Incoming Bureau, reducing shipping costs for RAC. They are not returned to the sender for economic and environmental reasons.

Although we are in age of eQSL’ing and confirmations via LOTW and other means, the volume of cards handled last year actually increased over the previous years. This is likely a result of better band conditions in the current solar cycle and increased activity.

Quite possibly, paper QSL cards will become a thing of the past, but there are still many Amateurs who like to collect cards, thus bureau QSL’s will likely be exchanged for some time. The cost to purchase and distribute cards continues to increase, so help yourself and the bureau system by QSL’ing wisely. Direct card exchange is expensive but you will get your card. Sending via the bureau is less expensive but you will not get your card if the other Amateur does not use the bureau.

If you really need a card from any of these Amateurs, please go to and follow the QSL instructions provided.

For more information on the National Incoming QSL Bureau please visit:

The RAC National Incoming QSL Bureau

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