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QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2020The inaugural QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo is rapidly approaching.

In the words of its organizers it is “coming to your laptop, tablet and smartphone on August 8 and 9, 2020.”

The event is an ARRL-sanctioned hamfest and its website includes the following information.

“Participate in this ground breaking, virtual international Amateur Radio expo. Packed with world renowned speakers, exhibitors, and special conference rooms built on a virtual reality platform. Attend from the convenience of your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.”

An American Radio Relay League’s news bulletin describes the event in this way: 

“More than a typical web meeting, the Expo is built on a live virtual platform commonly used by Fortune 500 companies and major universities. The platform simulates a convention experience with an exhibit hall and booths staffed by live attendants, a speaker auditorium, and even a lobby. Attendance just requires an internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The Expo will offer four separate speaker tracks focusing on a range of topics. Speakers will also be able to provide related material, such as slides and white papers, that attendees can download. Every session will have a Q&A where attendees can submit questions in real time via chat.

More than 30 booths will be open for attendees to visit, and exhibitors will have different options to engage with attendees. Exhibitor booths can provide downloadable content, such as videos, spec sheets, and manuals, and attendees can save content in a virtual briefcase to read later. Visitors will also be able to interact one-on-one with booth representatives, using a Skype-like system.”

The QSO Today website describes the Speakers and Lecture Series as follows:

“QSO Today called on its former guests and other expert Amateur Radio operators to create an amazing series of lectures in webinar format from one of our five virtual lecture halls.”

All lectures are: 

  • fully live interactive with speaker during the session hour
  • completely downloadable
  • collateral materials are downloadable in PDF format
  • everything available up to 30 days beyond the presentation

Exhibitors and Sponsors

We are pleased to give the last word to our friend and TCA advertiser Bruna Begali of Begali Keys who sent the following message to us in an email.

“We want to inform you we are attending the QSO Today Virtual Ham Radio Fair next August 8th-9th.

We are very pleased to announce that you could visit the show by registering here through the link: 

The Registration is completely free and you just need to enjoy the event!

Please, if you need more information don’t hesitate to contact me again. I am always here ready to serve you the best I can!

Best regards, 73

Bruna Begali
Begali Keys

The list of Exhibitors is provided below.

Exhibitor List

  • ​100 Watts and Wire Podcast
  • ABR Industries
  • AlexLoop Electronics Eirele
  • ARRL – American Radio Relay League
  • ​Art for Hams
  • Begali Keys
  • Bioenno Power
  • Comet Antenna – NCG Company
  • ​Connect Systems
  • CQ Communications
  • ​Dipoles USA LLC
  • DX Engineering
  • Elecraft
  • Expert Linears America, LLC
  • Fast Track to Getting your Ham Radio License Books & Presentations
  • FlexRadio
  • GigaParts
  • Gold Medal Ideas, Inc.
  • Ham Radio Workbench Podcast
  • Icom
  • Linux in the Ham Shack
  • M&P Coax
  • Mastrant
  • QRP Labs
  • QSO Today Podcast
  • QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2021
  • Quicksilver Radio
  • QuirkyQRP Ham Radios
  • Radio Club of America
  • RFinder
  • Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd.
  • RT Systems
  • TAPR
  • Unified Microsystems
  • West Mountain Radio
  • YouTubers Bunch
  • Youngsters On The Air – Regions 1,2,3

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