At a recent Board of Directors meeting, the Directors voted in favour of granting a $500 Educational Scholarship to Michael Shamash, VE2MXU.

Michael recently graduated from West Island College (Montreal, QC) and has enrolled at Marianopolis College in Westmount, QC in the Honours Health Services Program. After two years at the College, he plans to go into McGill’s school of Medicine and obtain an MD degree.

As have many other recent recipients of a RAC scholarship Michael credits Amateur Radio as being a catalyst for peaking his interest in all things scientific. This also ties into his interests in areas such as: software development, computers and DIY projects.

RAC is pleased to be able to grant these Educational Scholarships to young Canadian Amateurs who are furthering their education. We would also like to thank all those Canadian Amateurs who have generously given to this Scholarship Program. Without your continued support this would not be possible.

If you are a student who has an Amateur Certificate and want to apply for a scholarship please go to Scholarships Canada at

If you are able to help support this worthy endeavour and would consider donating to continue this program, please contact RAC HQ at

Bill Unger VE3XT
RAC Scholarship Foundation