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The RAC Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on Sunday, September 18.

It was held as a virtual event immediately following the RAC Canada 2022 Conference.

The following items are available on the right in a PDF document.

1) Report of the President to RAC Members at the AGM

2) Minutes of the 2022 Annual General Meeting

3) Summary of the 2021 Financial Statements

Please visit the RAC YouTube channel to see videos from the Conference and Annual General Meeting.

RAC Annual General Meeting 2023

Download (PDF, 546KB)

Background information

The Radio Amateurs of Canada will be holding its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, September 18. It will be held as a virtual event immediately following the RAC Canada 2022 Conference.

Date: Sunday, September 18

Time: 4 pm (Eastern Time)

Agenda items will include:

1) Report of the President

2) Review of the 2021 finances

3) Appointment of auditors for 2022

A Question and Answer period will follow the AGM proceedings.

This is your opportunity to hear what your representatives have been doing over the past year, to raise questions, and to make suggestions about how RAC is managed and where it is going in the future.

The meeting will be attended by members of the RAC Board of Directors and Executive and is open to all RAC members. Stay tuned to the RAC website for more information.


La Radio Amateurs du Canada tiendra son assemblée générale annuelle (AGA) le dimanche 18 septembre comme. Il se tiendra comme un événement virtuel immédiatement après la conférence de RAC Canada 2022.

Date : dimanche 18 septembre

Heure : 16h00 (heure normale de l’Est)

Les points à l’ordre du jour incluent :

1) le rapport du président

2) la présentation des états financiers de 2021

3) nomination de l’auditeur pour 2022

Une période de questions et de réponses suivra les procédures de l’AGA.

Voici votre chance d’écouter ce que vos représentants ont accompli durant la dernière année, poser vos questions et faire vos suggestions à propos de la gestion et de l’orientation future de RAC.

Les membres du conseil d’administration et de l’exécutif de la RAC participeront à la réunion et seront ouverts à tous les membres. Restez à l’écoute pour plus d’informations.

Track 1Track 2Track 3
1 pm –
Regulatory Accomplishments and Initiatives

1 pm –

Vince d’Eon, VE6LK/AI7LK –
Public Service Events and Leadership Imperatives

High River Alberta Floods

1 pm –
John Langille, VE1CWJ:
“Amateur Satellites and My Amateur Radio Journey”

2 pm –
Countdown to World Radio Conferences 
WRC-19 | WRC-23

2 pm –
Jason Tremblay, VE3IXT
Emergency / Disaster / Community Services

2 pm –
Paul Mower, VA6MPM:
“Summits On The Air (SOTA)
in the Canadian Rockies”

3 pm –
Changes to the RAC Contest Structure

3 pm –
Attracting and Retaining New Amateurs

Note: this is very much a work in progress and features contributions and presentation from several Amateurs including those below..

3 pm –
Dana Shtun, VE3DS:
 “50  Years of Amateur Radio and Onwards…”

Attracting and Retaining New Amateurs: RAC Youth Program Coordinator Brian Jackson, VE6JBJ; President Phil McBride, VA3QR; Vice-President Allan Boyd, VE3AJB; Community Services Officer Jason Tremblay, VE3IXT; RAC Atlantic Director Al Penney, VO1NO (Amateur of the Year 2020); Hiroshi Takahashi, VA7LET (Amateur of the Year 2021); Youth Leaders Rob Noakes, VE3PCP, Roger Egan, VA3EGY, Harrie Jones, VE3HYS and Adrian Stimpson, VE7NZ; and online participants everywhere.