New RAC bulletin logo November 2019For immediate release:

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT, as its new Community Services Officer (CSO) and Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN, as its new Treasurer. Both positions are effective January 1, 2020.

Jason has been serving as RAC’s Deputy Community Services Officer and is relieving Doug Mercer, VO1DTM, of one of the two portfolios he has been holding for many years. I would like to thank Doug for his hard work and dedication as CSO and I look forward to continuing to work with him in his role as RAC’s Vice-President. 

Jason recently represented RAC at the International Amateur Radio Union’s General Assembly Emergency Communications Workshop in Lima, Peru and he has extensive Emergency Communications experience as shown in the bio provided below.

Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN, is now serving as the new RAC Treasurer. As described in her bio below, Margaret has worked in the field of accounting for 20 years and has been the Treasurer for the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club (OARC) since 2014. She previously served as the RAC Treasurer for the 2010-11 term.

I’d like to thank Devon Racicot, VE5DWR, for his excellent work as Treasurer and Chair of our Administration and Finance Committee over the past several years. Devon will continue to support RAC nationally and will be working on the RAC Legacy and Donation programs.

I’m happy to welcome Margaret and Jason to the RAC Executive and look forward to working with them on our new and ongoing initiatives.

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA
RAC President and Chair

Jason Tremblay, VE3JXTJason Tremblay, VE3JXT
RAC Community Services Officer

Jason’s background is in Emergency Services and Security. He previously volunteered with St John Ambulance and with the Red Cross as an Instructor and a member of Disaster Services, where he “learned about working with others and the critical need for great support and defined training systems”.

He received his Amateur Radio certification in 2014 and served as the Emergency Coordinator for the Barrie and South Simcoe ARES team for three years, working closely with the local communities. He was also the Director of Community Services for the Barrie Amateur Radio Club and served as its Vice-President, and worked with the public and community groups and other organizations for public and educational events.

Jason’s focus has been on promoting and educating his local communities about Amateur Radio and the benefits of the service in our community. In the last two years he has taken on the role of District Emergency Coordinator for the Lakes District in Ontario.

He spent the last nine months working with Section Managers and Districts, through webinars, to build a stronger foundation in training and communications between ARES teams in Ontario and encouraging teams to work together to build a unified and accountable training system throughout Ontario.

Jason resides with his wife and family in Beeton, Ontario and is a member of the Barrie Amateur Radio Club. He recently stepped down as the Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the City of Barrie and South Simcoe Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) group to focus on the role of Deputy Community Services Officer and now as Community Services Officer.

Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN
Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN

Margaret Tidman, VA3VXN
RAC Treasurer

Margaret became interested in Amateur Radio after attending the Canadian Ski Marathon with her OM and saw how much fun Amateur Radio could be. She obtained her Amateur Radio Operator Certification in May 2009 and her first QSO was at 10 GHz for the American Radio Relay League’s VHF Contest with the West-Carleton Amateur Radio Club (WCARC). She currently holds the call signs VA3VXN and VE3VXN.

Margaret has worked in the field of accounting for 20 years. She has been the Treasurer for the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club (OARC) since 2014 and was previously the Treasurer for Radio Amateurs of Canada for the 2010-11 term, and for the Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group (OCLUG) from 2007 to 2010.

Margaret is currently a member of the Ottawa Amateur Radio Club (OARC), the Ottawa ARES Emergency Measures Radio Group (EMRG), the Rideau Lakes Amateur Radio Club (RLARC) and the Lanark North Leeds ARES Group (LNL-ARES).

She enjoys volunteering for various public service events such as bike tours, marathons and car rallies. She also enjoys baking, reading and crocheting. Margaret currently lives in Perth, Ontario with her husband Tyler, VA3DGN and their cat, Magic.