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Jason Tremblay, VE3XTA, Deputy CSOFor immediate release:

Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT, as its Deputy Community Services Officer (CSO) effective immediately.

Jason recently represented RAC at the International Amateur Radio Union’s General Assembly Emergency Communications Workshop in Lima, Peru (as shown in the photo) and he has extensive Emergency Communications experience as shown in the bio provided below.

As the new Deputy Community Services Officer, Jason will assist in all matters related to the RAC Field Organization.

Jason resides with his wife and family in Beeton, Ontario and is a member of the Barrie Amateur Radio Club. Jason recently stepped down as the Emergency Coordinator (EC) for the City of Barrie and South Simcoe Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) group to focus on this new role as Deputy Community Services Officer.

Doug Mercer, VO1DM CEC
RAC Community Services Officer

Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT

My background is in Emergency Services and Security. I previously volunteered with St John Ambulance and with the Red Cross as an Instructor and a member of Disaster Services, where I learned about working with others and the critical need for great support and defined training systems.

I received my Amateur Radio certification in 2014 and I served as the Emergency Coordinator for the Barrie and South Simcoe ARES team for three years, working closely with our local communities. I was also the Director of Community Services for the Barrie Amateur Radio Club and served as its Vice-President, and I worked with the public and community groups and other organizations for public and educational events.

My focus has been on promoting and educating my local communities about Amateur Radio and the benefits of the service in our community. In the last two years I have taken on the role of District Emergency Coordinator for the Lakes District in Ontario.

I spent the last nine months working with Section Managers and Districts, through webinars, to build a stronger foundation in training and communications between ARES teams in Ontario and encouraging teams to work together to build a unified and accountable training system throughout Ontario.