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RAC Bulletin 2014-005E – IC Proposes Changes to Antenna Siting Protocol


Earlier today IC released a consultation document proposing changes to CPC-2-0-03, the Antenna Siting Protocol to address the Industry Minister’s policy statement of 5 February 2014 removing the 15m exemption for “cell towers”.

The RAC Bulletin of 6 February had commented on the Minister’s policy statement and urged that the drafting of the regulatory changes should follow closely the Minister’s statement. It provided several reasons why the exemption should not be removed for radio amateurs.

The consultation document released today proposes exactly the type of change to the height exemption RAC favoured. The 15m exemption would remain but not apply to “broadcasting undertakings and telecommunications carriers”.

The consultation document proposes a number of other small changes to CPC-2-0-03 and RAC will look closely at these before completing its comments on the proposed changes. Industry Canada will receive comments from the public on these changes by 31 March 2014 and finalize the changes shortly thereafter.

Some radio amateurs had expressed concern that there might be a blanket removal of the 15m exemption, forcing those wanting to install any antenna into cumbersome notification and consultation processes. This now seems unlikely but we need to follow through on the consultation process to make sure this is the final result.

RAC will respond on behalf of all Canadian amateur radio operators.

Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA

RAC Vice-President Regulatory Affairs