Bart Ritchie, VE5CPU and Sam Ferris, VE5SF – RAC Contest Managers

After reporting the RAC Canada Day Contest 2017 Results and updating the Record Holder table, a couple of errors were reported.

As shown in the Records table on the bottom right of the first page of the PDF file provided below, an error from 2013 resulted in the wrong station being identified as the record holder for the MOSTLP. In fact VE9ML and team had been the record holder since 2013.

In addition an error in 2016 did not report the change in record holder for the MOSTHP category to VE6RAC and the VE6SV team who set that record in 2016 and was not recognized at the time.

This update corrects that issue and the record holding stations are identified in green and blue text in the RAC Canada Day Contest Records table.

Please accept our apologies for these errors. Congratulations on your achievements.

Download (PDF, 235KB)