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RAC Canada Day Contest Managers
COVID-19 Update | Contest Rules: English and French

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New RAC Contest Log Submission System

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The global pandemic continues and we want to make sure that all participants in the RAC Canada Day Contest on Thursday, July 1 help us to celebrate Canada’s birthday safely.  

The RAC Contest Committee is therefore asking all participants in the Canada Day Contest 2021 to follow the guidelines provided by the government and health officials in your respective area for any of the multi-op categories enabled within the contest. 

If you do carry out an operation in any of the multi-op categories, please advise as part of your log submission that you have followed your locally applicable guidelines for group sizes and social (physical) distancing. 

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support of the RAC contests.

We hope to hear you on the air for the July 1, 2021 Canada Day contest (00:00 UTC through 23:59:59 UTC). Don’t forget to share your stories with us at and to use #RACCD.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada (RAC) Contests and Awards Committee is pleased to announce changes to the RAC sponsored contests. Commencing with the 2022 contest year we will be adding two new entry categories: Single Operator – Assisted – High Power (SOAHP) and Single Operator – Assisted – Low Power (SOALP).

There is no additional subclassification for either of the two assisted categories. Winners in these categories will qualify for a newly sponsored plaque as well as the typical certificates grouped as in the other entry classes. These categories will be added to the records list alongside the other category records. We would like to thank Radioworld Central in Calgary, Alberta ( for sponsoring the plaques in these new categories for both RAC contests. The whole organization at Radioworld in Toronto and now at their Calgary team are great supporters of our activities.

With the advent of our new Web Log submission system, the log submission deadlines have been shortened to 14 days from the end of the contest. We will be phasing out email and paper log submission in the near future. We are also changing the requirement to qualify for certificates. Participants must make a minimum of 50 contacts (QSOs) to be eligible to receive a certificate in any of the categories. We have also provided additional clarifications on how the Rookie category is structured and adjudicated as part of the updated Category Notes provided in the rules.

The Category Notes that form part of the rules has been clarified and there is more information as to how contest categories are structured and adjudicated. We have also added a “Summary of Category Elements, Limitations and Eligibility” table to the rules to highlight key elements of adjudication for the categories.

Please take a few moments to review the updated rules, starting with the Canada Day Contest Rules 2022 which are available on the RAC website at the links provided below. We look forward to your participation in the RAC Canada Day and Canada Winter contests.


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