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RAC Canada Winter Contest 2018 Results

RAC Contest Managers
Sam Ferris, VE5SF and Bart Ritchie, VE5CPU

Participation in the 2018 running of the RAC Canada Winter Contest was high once again with a total of 851 entries received. Generally, scores were down this year and for the third year in a row no new records were established given the general poor propagation conditions.

Single Op All Bands Low Power

Sam Ferris, VE5SF, achieved first place this year with a score of 351,422. Doug Ferris, VA3DF, captured second place again this year by scoring 303,732. Thomas Valenti, K3AJ, captured third place in the winter contest with a score of 186,816. Jeffery W. Hartley, N8II, took fourth place this year scoring 179,880, while Axel Bruderer, KI6RRN, took fifth place with a score of 169,300.

Single Op All Bands High Power

John Sluymer, VE3EJ, captured the first place SOABHP with a score of 981,372. Second place went to Victor Percherkin, N8OO, with a score of 758,692. Guy Lemieux, VE2BWL, placed third with a score of 372,124. Don Whitty, VE9XX, using the VE9RAC call sign, joined the top scorers in fourth place scoring 320,328, up one place from the previous year. Anthony Ratajczak, VE1ZA, captured fifth place in the category with a score of 291,814. Within the SOABHP category Victor Petcherkin, N8OO, captured the Russ Coleston, VK4XA Memorial for the highest scoring single op foreign entrant with a score of 758,692.

Single Op – QRP

This year Bob Hawkins, VE3WG, achieved first place in the SOABQRP category with a score of 150,299, up one place from last year. Mike Skillen, VE3EDX, took second place in the 2018 contest with a score of 18,964. Eric Castro, VE3AMX, took third place with a score of 12,312. Chris Bisallion, VE3CBK, won fourth place this year with a QRP score of 11,822 ahead of Jose Campione, VA3PCJ, in fifth scoring 9,600.

Single Op Single Band

With a score of 86,204, Gabor Horvath, VE7UF, won the overall SOSB crown this year using the 20m band. Again this year Adrian Stimpson, VE7NZ, took second overall SOSB place with a score of 42,240 with his 20-metre band entry. Third place in the overall SOSB was taken by Sylvain Labre, VA3SY, with 34,580 points on the 80m band.

On a band-by-band breakdown, George Cooley, NG7A, took top band honours on 160m this year with a single band high power score of 3,234. Sylvain Labre, VA3SY, won first place in 80m with a low power score of 34,580. Zeljko Zee Repic, K2SSS, took the 40m band honours using low power with a score of 33,478.

As noted above Gabor Horvath, VE7UF, took first place on 20m with a high power entry scoring 86,204. Nicholas Gagnon, VE2NCG, took the honours for the 15m band with a high power score of 1,344. Pierre Jolin, VE2GT, won the 6m band with a high power score of 12 points, and John Welch, W1ABK, won the 2m SOSB category with a score of 2 points. In the 2018 contest there were no entrants in the 10m Single Op, Single Band sub category.

Single Op – All Band – CW

The Single Op, All Band CW category was hotly contested this year. Top honours for the Gary Bartlett, VE1RGB Memorial plaque sponsored by the Maritime Contest Club for the CW only category go to Vlad Milutinovic, VE3JM, with a score of 300,288.

Second place is awarded to Victor Androsov, VEA2WA, with a score of 297,504. Third place was taken by Tom Haavisto, VE3CX, with a score of 281,980. This year fourth place goes to David Jaffe, K6DAJ, with a score of 216,900. Fifth place goes
to Steve Bolia, N8BJQ, with a score of 149,322.

Single Op – All Band – Phone

This year top honours in the Single Operator All Band Phone only category goes to Ron Koenig, WV4P, with a score of 89,614.

This year Mark Kozma, KD3GC, took second place with a score of 53,368, up one place from last year. Gordon Hunter, VE6WZL, took third place this year with a score of 52,164. Harm Hazeu, VE4HZ, took fourth place with a score of 51,648. Fifth place goes to Sunday Satiada, VE4SG, with a score of 39,610.

Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter High Power

This year Ton Osman, VE3RZ, won the Multi-Single High Power category with a score of 465,972 and Dick Van Zandt, KK9OM, took second place with a score
of 405,440. Third place was taken by Tim Shopa, N3QE, with a score of 386,098.

Multi-Operator Single-Transmitter Low Power

Once again this year Marcel LeBlanc, VE9ML and Jean-Paul LeBlanc, VE9BK, at VE9ML took top honours and the Tony Allsop, VE3FTA Memorial in the Multi-Single Low Power category with a score of 345,100. Joe Adams, VE3BW, took second place with a score of 276,474. Third place goes to James Reisert, AD1C, with a score of 136,170.

Multi-Operator Multi-Transmitter

Once again this year, operators at VE6SV (Gord Kosmenko, VE6SV and Max Stagg, VE6RST) using the VE6RAC call sign, took top honours in the Multi-Multi category with a score of 778,624. Todd Bendtsen, VE5MX, achieved second place in the category with a score of 469,600. This year third place goes to members of the Orca DX and Contest Club (VA7DX, VE7KW and VA7ADI) using the VE7SCC call sign with a score of 422,234.

Wrap Up

Your Contest Managers sincerely appreciate the increased use of Cabrillo-based log entries. Cabrillo files significantly reduce the workload associated with producing the contest results. Current versions of popular contest programs such as CT, NA,
Super Duper and TR produce Cabrillo files that can be readily handled by new scoring software developed by VE5CPU.

As in the past we will continue to accept paper logs and other electronic logging formats so it is easy for everyone to send in an entry.

Important note:

If you are submitting a paper log we would appreciate, if possible, receiving summary sheets prepared in accordance with the format set out in the official rules and which provide a breakdown of VE, RAC, DX contacts and a multiplier total. This will make compiling and checking of logs an easier and quicker process.

Thanks and congratulations to all for participating in the 2018 running of the RAC Canada Winter Contest and good luck in 2019. Once again a special thanks goes out to the operators of the RAC call signs and to our great sponsors!

Hopefully, sunspots will return soon and we will have some better propagation for the 2019 running of the RAC Canada Winter Contest scheduled for December 29, 2019.

Operator comments are available on page 10 of the PDF file provided below.

Download (PDF, 551KB)