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RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge blue logo

Dave Goodwin, VE9CB
RAC Member Services Officer
Radio Amateurs of Canada is pleased to announce the winners of the RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge for September 2021.
  • Pierre Jolin, VE2GT, made 2,044 contacts in 49 portable operations to earn a first place finish.
  • Nick Gagnon, VE2NCG, made 927 contacts in 42 portable operations and took second place.
  • Jeff Zimmerman, VE3JZT, made 1,237 contacts in 57 portable operations, the most of any participant in September, and earned a third place finish
  • Kieran Shepherd, VA3KS, made 1,203 contact in 40 portable operations and captured fourth place.
  • Rob Morrison, VE7NB, made 1,498 contacts in 29 portable operations and took his place in the top five.
Kieran also earned the third Coureur des bois Gold certificate for the 100 portable operations he has made since the RAC Challenge began. Rob’s total of 54 operations since July was more than enough for him to earn his Coureur des bois Silver certificate.

The objective of the “RAC Challenge Award” is to recognize and encourage portable operations by RAC members from locations throughout Canada.

The new program began on Canada Day, July 1, 2021 and we hope it will become an annual event for RAC members.

For more information about the RAC Challenge please stay tuned for the November-December 2021 issue of The Canadian Amateur magazine or visit: