Errata for RAC Study Guides

While the authors take great care in the preparation of the various RAC Study Guides, proof-reading is a skill in which we seem often to be found wanting! The corrections found here are believed to be all the errors in the manuals currently in print.

This errata listing is organized at the highest level by the publication: Study Guides, Basic followed by Advanced. Following that are the CD/ROM manuals other than Study Guides. Within each section, the various editions are listed. For the CD/ROM manuals this errata can be directly linked from the table of contents page of the CD/ROM.

Basic Study Guides

Advanced Study Guides

For the RAC Study Guide for the Advanced Qualification which is published on CD/ROM, the current edition is the 1st edition, with the 2 nd edition under construction. You can determine which version of the CD/ROM you have by checking the base file names of the chapters on the CD/ROM. The file names contain the version, for example:

Instructors' Guides

Moving Up to HF

For the Moving Up To HF CD/ROM manual, the current edition is the 1st edition, published 2004.

Finally, we would like to express our sincere thanks to those who have written to us and pointed out errors or places where the text could be better written. Please remember that if you use the feedback function on the Advanced guide's CD/ROM, we will get your comments but the RAC web site does not capture your E-mail address so we cannot respond. If you wish to correspond about the Guides, please give either your callsign or your full name and E-mail address in the comments section of the form.

Good Luck and 73!