I am pleased to announce that Allan Foley, VE3XAL of New Lowell Ontario has accepted his appointment as the Radio Amateurs Canada Section Manager for Ontario South, effective immediately.

Al has been an amateur radio operator for more than 25 years and has been active and involved in amateur radio community service, emergency planning and had attended the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College in Arnprior.

Al has spent many years at various locations throughout Ontario with his work in MNR. Allan and his family live in New Lowell, and compete with each other to “control the mike” in their ham shack. Al’s wife Peggy VE3PGY and son Don VE3DZA are also licensed amateur radio operators.

RAC welcomes Allan aboard and is confident that he will bring positive things both to his Section and to RAC Field Operations.
Allan may be contacted by email or phone 705-424-7424

Bill Boskwick (RAC CEC) VE4BOZ
Chief Field Service Officer