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For immediate release:

Due to the recent stricter COVID-19 measures, many Radio Amateurs will be forced to spend most of the following weeks at home again. Many are obliged to telework. Teleworking is definitely becoming the new standard for several employees. COVID-19 has accelerated teleworking for almost all companies.

At the request of the Royal Union of Belgian Radio Amateurs (UBA), the BIPT has decided to once again grant permission to apply for customized special call signs. These appropriate special call signs may be used at the home address of radio amateurs. The conditions are the same as during the first lockdown in spring.


  • The exceptional conditions apply to special call signs with an encouraging. Radio amateurs are allowed to re-request the special call sign obtained during the first lockdown.
  • The special call signs can be requested for the period ending on 13 December 2020. In the event of an extension of the stricter COVID-19 measures, the BIPT can decide to extend the validity period.
  • Call signs may exceptionally be used at the home address of radio amateurs. This also applies to holders of a class B and C license (ON2, ON3). However, with the restriction that the special call sign may only be used in accordance with the conditions of the own license (frequencies, transmission power, modes).
  • The special call signs may be used simultaneously by several radio amateurs, but not by two (or more) radio amateurs simultaneously on the same band. The person responsible for the respective club station must ensure the necessary coordination to avoid concurrent use on the same band.

The costs for applying for the special call sign are borne by the UBA.

Belgian Amateurs activate the following special event call signs to remind everyone of COVID-19 restrictions and express gratefulness to medical personnel:

  • OP19MSF

You can find out additional information about these special call signs and any special events by searching online for each call sign.

For example, a search for “OT6SAFE” led to the following QRZ page:


OT6SAFE is a special event call sign, from the club station ON6HC of the UBA in Knokke-Heist.

The purpose of this special event is to emphasize the importance of staying at home during the Cornona pandemic and to express our solidarity with all those patients who are suffering from this virus. Also, the Amateur Radio community wants to express its thankfulness to all medical staff who is giving the very best of themselves in their relentless efforts to comfort all the patients in their fight with this pandemic.

To receive the free of charge award you need to make / heard  1 QSO with OT6SAFE. The award is also for SWL’s  available. The award will be send to you by email in .JPG format.

We are QRV on  all possible bands and using various techniques. We hope to make many contacts and reward this with a nice QSL card.

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