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Dominican Radio Clubs Join Forces to Celebrate the 180th Anniversary of National Independence!

Santo Domingo, February 23, 2024 | Mejico Angeles, HI8MA –

In an unprecedented coordination, several radio clubs in the Dominican Republic are coming together to commemorate the 180th anniversary of the country’s Declaration of Independence through a pioneering initiative in the local Amateur Radio community.

From February 27 to April 30, 2024, the HI180RD Special Event Station will be activated, with the participation of Radio Amateurs from five clubs, including Radio Club Dominicano, Inc. (RCD), Dominican Union of Radio Amateurs, Inc. (UDRA), Hotel-India DX Club (HIDXC), Southwestern Amateur Radio Union, Inc. (URSO), and the Dominican League of Radio Amateurs, Inc. (LIDORA).

With more than 25 Radio Amateurs participating, the initiative seeks to project the Dominican Republic to the world through the airwaves, sharing the patriotic spirit and rich culture of the country.

Special Event HI180RD promo for 180th anniversary of Dominican Republic

The call sign letters HI180RD, issued by INDOTEL for this event, will be activated by the participants during the coordinated operation. The Special Event Station will issue electronic certificates, available in seven languages, to each international Amateur Radio station that makes contact during this period.

“This collaboration reflects the sense of alliance and diversity of the Dominican Amateur Radio community. Amateur Radio, with its unique ability to communicate over long distances, allows us to project the Dominican essence worldwide,” said a representative of the participating clubs.

The radio exchanges will be made in different modes, including voice and digital modes, covering distances between continents, and highlighting the technical skills of Dominican Radio Amateurs in radio wave communications. Special Event Stations are authorized by INDOTEL to Amateur Radio clubs, to carry out activities commemorating historical dates or for competitive events in the field of Amateur Radio.

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