"The good news is that you passed the exam and can now work HF. The bad news is that you will be "tested and evaluated" by your peers every time you fire up your transmitter. Make a boo boo on VHF and your shame will be limited to a fairly small geographical area. Mess up on HF and your folly could well be heard half way around the world."

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Moving Up To HF
First Edition

John L. Cleveland-Iliffe VA3JI
Geoffrey R. Smith VA3GS

Illustrated by
Stanley M. Smith VE3DDX

Here is what is on the CD

1. Prologue
2. The Shack
3. Differences Between VHF/UHF and HF Operating
4. HF Band Characteristics
5. Selecting The Right Antenna
6. Buying Your First HF Equipment
7. Learn to Use Your Equipment!
8. Awards
9. DX'ing: Work the World
10. Contests, And How to Choose Them
11. CW, An Old Mode, A Modern Workhorse
12. Internet Links for Better Operating