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Straight Key Century Club's new Canadian Operating Event

Inaugural VE9SKCC Event: September 1 to September 30

Courtesy of the SKCC Canadian Operating Event Committee:

The Straight Key Century Club’s new on-air event promotes the club’s many Canadian members. At this time the SKCC Board wanted to extend the fun of hand key CW throughout the year.

VE9SKCC is the special call sign that has been granted for this “KEY” event. We refer to the event simply as the “Canadian Operating Event.”

VE9SKCC runs from September 1 through the 30. It’s a perfect time to introduce or reacquaint Amateurs to the fun of hand-keyed Morse code sent with straight keys, bugs and side-swipers.

Members and non-members alike are welcome to hunt the Canadian based VE9SKCC. Non- members are encouraged but not required to use straight keys for their VE9SKCC contacts. This year we hope to field VE9SKCC operators in all Canadian Provinces.

You can track your progress working the event stations by referring to the Stats section on the Canadian Operating Events page. Check for regular updates in your standings for Number of Areas, Bands and VE9SKCC operators to document your success.

Earn a QSL card by making at least one contact with any VE9SKCC event station. Work all Provinces for a basic sweep; check the Op Schedule and Operator Map links to find where and when the VE9SKCC stations are operating.

For SKCC members VE9SKCC is a great opportunity to make lots of progress toward various club awards. Contacts with VE9SKCC stations are valid for SKCC awards purposes. Also, by signing up as a VE9SKCC Operator you can readily log dozens or hundreds of award-eligible QSOs with other SKCC members.

Would you like to sign on as one of our VE9SKCC Operators? You can try it for just an hour or two. Or reserve a series of time slots throughout the month. Code speed and station sophistication are not important. The on-air exchanges tend to be fairly relaxed. Please contact the Regional Coordinator in your area for more info. He or she will be eager to sign you up. Our VE9SKCC Operators are key to a successful event!

Be sure to listen for our VE9SKCC operators during September and work ’em when you hear ’em!

For more information please visit:

SKCC – Straight Key Century Club (