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Welcome to the May-June 2015 issue of The Canadian Amateur.

Table of Contents: May2015TCA_ToC.pdf (936 kb)

The Feedback column of this issue (page 17) includes the following Letter to the Editor by former TCA columnist David Conn, VE3KL:

“My column ‘Antennas and Transmission Lines’ was featured in The Canadian Amateur from 2003 to 2014. It covered a large variety of antenna topics that included theoretical and hands on topics. The column was mainly tutorial in nature aimed at building a solid base so Amateurs could gain the necessary skills to work with antenna systems and evaluate a large variety of well known antennas. Since many readers find it difficult to locate topics in the old issues, I have now written a chronological index to aid in this process. The list includes the titles and a short description of each article. It is now posted on the RAC website and also on my own website (https://ve3kl.com/) for your use.”

The Index is an Excel spreadsheet and it is provided below:

VE3KL_Column_Index.xls (38 kb)