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   The March-April 2015 issue of The Canadian Amateur is a special issue on the topic of QRP, which refers to low power operating or stations that transmit with five watts output or less.
It includes the article “QRP Information Sources” by Bill Karle, VE1YY, which provides a list of online references that you might use as you explore QRP.

   The file below is a handy pdf version of the article which has active hyperlinks that you can use to access the online files:

   QRPsources_MA2015TCA.pdf (68 kb)

   The March-April 2015 issue of TCA (pages 36-39) includes the article “The Portable Multiband Dipole” by Tom Hardy, VE4AKI.

  The SWR diagrams that is mentioned in the article have been prepared for TCA by Stan Smith, VE3DDX, and can be downloaded from the following file:

  TomHardy_SWRdiagrams (pdf file) 471 KB

 Note: there was a mix-up involving two of the pages in the print of the March-April 2015 TCA. In the article “My little Peaberry QRP SDR Transceiver: What a Gem” pages 30 and 31 are in  reverse order.